Politics and morality

As a throw away comment during the data collection on CiF, I joked about adding a 3rd axis to show craziness in relation to political orientation, and while I was looking at ways of cleaning up the presentation, it suddenly struck me that morality was a missing component.

I mean Bush would be on the authoritarian/right quadrant, but how could you show his moral bankruptcy, or Milton Friedman’s?

Well here’s what I came up with – the Axis of Evil, (please note the “satanic” / “holy” labels are tongue in cheek):

mmm satanicness

Currently I’m looking at how to objectively quantify this, but for now I’ll go with my instincts – working on a scale thus:

the horror!

Rumsfeld 9.5
Friedman 8
G W Bush 8.5
Marget Thatcher 7.9
Nick Clegg 3.3

Feel free to chme in.

2 Comments on “Politics and morality”

  1. lundiel says:

    Digby, I think the shape has to be altered to encompass the tea party movement which I see as very authoritarian and very right wing libertarian but also close to fascism with a sprinkling of populist racist culture……..I haven’t yet figured out what the shape would be but I do know it would no longer be equidistant.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. […] are there as visible guides for the amount of moral/amorality each data point has, as outlined in Politics and morality. There is no data fro the Axis of Evil yet and this is where you, the reader, can […]