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Over the past few of days I’ve been involved with an interesting social experiment.

Whenever I get a break at my day job at the Ministry of Truth, I usually like to dally on the comment cartoon threads of the Guardian website.

On an average day it’s a bit like walking onto Cable Street during the riots, which makes for interesting reading as point and counter point get bounced off each other.

Anyway I forget how it started exactly, but for the past few days people have been volunteering their test scores from http://www.politicalcompass.org. The site has a novel idea of linking the traditional left/right political scale to a second libertarian/authoritarian axis, quite clearly illustrating for example

famous politicos rated

that Thatcher was more right-wing that Hitler but no so Authoritarian, while Stalin was only slightly to the left of Gandhi.

Here for example is the lurch to authoritarian right that followed the adoption of libertarian right economic policies in the UK:
rightwards ho!.

But I digress, the good denizens of said comment threads have been taking the test to find out where exactly their passions lie and it has been an interesting reaffirmation of the possibilities available only in this age of new media. While the image is cluttered, it’s being generated in real time, so on the plus side for now, it works at mapping the trend and is quite quick to update:


Compare that to current international mainstream politics:
more politicos - but still alive!

In the interests of balance, given that the right-wing posters on the same threads seem to be reluctant in getting involved, I came up with an Evil Twins map:

evilness ho!

So don’t feel left out of all the fun – check out the instructions for getting on the CiF map.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with politicalcompass.org