On morality and blue-sky oil

Having decided to add a moral compass to the political one I started to look about for ideas on how to objectively measure something so tangible yet abstract.


Soon I found myself swimming in a blue-sky oil slick of hermetically sealed websites, all standing about like market-day barkers, dry washing their hands and yelling they have discovered the only way to turn hypothetical lead into mythical gold. All the while hoping to catch they eye of the local landed gentry to blag a job as “advisor”.

Say what you like about the internet 1.0a, it might have been ugly, but at least the charlatans were still stuck using the small ads in the local paper.

However wringing all the oil out of my clothing did serve to bring into focus exactly how to measure morals. Firstly they’re a relative not fixed concept, and secondly personal morality is not the same as group morality.

Given the above and that I got onto this whole track through crowd sourcing and social media, it seemed only logical to harness its power again.

Back I went to the interwebs, and in the spirit of web 2.0, looked for an off-the-shelf widget I can plug in and use to help with the task, …and found myself swimming in a different sea of blue-sky oil.

Sigh ……