Politics on CiF map

The rough is ready.

data set

There were some challenges to face. If it were a case of simply making a graph with 5-10 elements I know what to do, but this project has, at latest count 35. I needed some serious heavy lifting done and opted for OpenOffice.

On the whole it pleasantly surprised me by being much less kludgy to use than its costlier rival, and thanks to its integration between spread sheet and graphing software ie being able to mouse over a point on the graph and have a its spreadsheet data come up as a tool tip saved me a possible nervous breakdown.

The downside being it was an unfamiliar piece of software and I needed very specific layout criteria to ensure everything was legible (hence the creative text anglings). I’ll use this as a base from which I can make more impressive, but faithfully accurate graphs, while still being easy to add new data to.

The next challenge is the fact I want to try to incorporate depth into the graphic to represent the Axis of Evil. While most graphing software can output simulated 3d, it’s simply superficial fluff and isn’t quantifiable in a precise enough way to function as a measuring tool, on the other hand the kind of software that is used to make precise 3d models of things like curves and waves don’t seem to want to import 35 data sets.