Mapping, still mapping.

So still working on the 3d graphing.

In the images below you can see Margaret Thatcher (blue region), Joseph Stalin (red region), Milton Friedman (cyan region) and the Dalai Lama (green region). I substituted cyan, which sits between blue and green on colour wheels for‘s purple, and once I used it it did seem to be apt for the less people friendly side of the chart.

As I hinted at in Mapping the CiF and the Axis of Evil, I’ve been playing with lighting rigs to colour the data points, while this can also be done by programatically changing the colour of the materials, I wanted to see if painting with light was a viable option for the added symbolism, ie the closer to the any of the axis the less they are coloured by their chosen ideology and become coloured by the reflections from other ideologies whilst blending to make white at the crossing point of the axis.

I’m also still toying with setting a camera on a rail and flying around to make an animation, but here is the Work so far:

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The central walls are there as visible guides for the amount of moral/amorality each data point has, as outlined in Politics and morality. There is no data fro the Axis of Evil yet and this is where you, the reader, can help:

please complete this short survey I’ve knocked together on how you view various political icons. It’s anonymous and should take 3-5 minutes for your time. I’ll use the results as yard sticks for creating a scale for the Axis of Evil.

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  1. f4frances says:

    not really the point of course – but the graphics are quite pretty