On data and shapes

I’ve been meaning to get back to you on this

I think the shape has to be altered to encompass the tea party movement which I see as very authoritarian and very right wing libertarian but also close to fascism with a sprinkling of populist racist culture……..I haven’t yet figured out what the shape would be but I do know it would no longer be equidistant.

Let me say first I’m not disagreeing with you, I just think it’s an interesting discussion point. Having looked at how this was tackled, I can see there is no definitive answer, yet 😀

What I’m jokingly calling the Axis of Evil, is actually intended to represent the effects of public actions by public figures. Of course cultural and religious morals are relative, however there is a consensus on the amount of intentional suffering / damage / pain / death caused should be taken into account for an individual. I’m looking at if that the same reckoning of damages/ injury / death wrought is as representative of any philosophy or politic as much as its attitudes to LEFT/RIGHT, MONEY/PEOPLE.

BTW I’ve simplified the comment process so anyone feel free to chime in on this, also add your voice to the political icons survey, to help define the control data.

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  1. lundiel says:

    Digby I can’t get Lord Ashcroft out of my head he’s not a politician but he’s a very powerful man who influences politicians and the more I read about him the more I despise him imo he is a fascist and deserves recognition for services to the conservative party.