Cif graphed

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Find out where your cubelet is here – latest snapshots with labels!

Instructions on how to get mapped have been moved to their own page to reduce clutter.

A warm welcome to PeleMcAmble and 55DegreesNorth the two newest cubelets on the grassy green uplands of the CiF cartoon comment section.

Still tweaking the map – I’ve added in labels for the axis, made the central axis more transparent, positioned the cameras better and added new images to the slide show. I finally had a break though in being able to label each cube, see the first images here

And I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the lighting rig – all the objects are white, each area is lit according to its “ideology” and that gives the colour to the objects. So those closer to one or both axis will have multiple colours depending on the viewing angle.

The final few images have had their Axis of Evil turned on – the higher they go the less morally toxic they are – so Stalin and Hitler are on the floor while the Dalai Lama is clearly looking down on everyone. Note however the data for the benchmarks (Hitler, Stalin etc) is coming from this survey (so add your voice and see if you can move them up or down) and I’m using a neutral value for anyone that hasn’t submitted a Machiavelli reading.

Also I’d just like to register my pleasant surprise in welcoming the Guardian comment cartoonist Martin Rowson to the Green zone.

The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

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14 Comments on “Cif graphed”

  1. Showmaster says:

    Hail, Sir digby, I posted scores on CIF but am around tenpercent and I asked what the Axis of Evil score of 37 Machiavells might mean, still don’t follow that one.


    • Hi Showmaster

      I’ll check back for your scores and add you in.

      About the Machiavelli score – the “Economic Left/Right:” and “Social Libertarian/Authoritarian:” scores will place you on one of the graph areas in plain old 2d graph fashion.

      The Machiavelli score is your potential to use your pesonal ideology for good or for bad. So your cubelet will either soar or plummet. Soaring will put you in the company of the Dalai Lama, while going the other way will put you closer to Hitler/Stalin types.

  2. Swedinburgh says:

    Evening, Sir Digby… my compass scores are:

    Economic Left/Right: -8.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.79 (I seem to have lost some of my statism since I last did this…)

    And I’m 63 on the Machiavelli axis of evil. So I’m noy going completely soft… I think.


  3. Lundiel says:

    Hi Digby, where am I?

    • Hi Lundiel

      I’ve uploaded some group shots in 2D – they’re in alphabetical order and grouped for clarity – click to enlarge

    • Lundiel says:

      Thanks, I never thought about the problem of attaching text labels to a 3D model, wouldn’t that involve animation?

      • In Blender’s case you attach one object to another so they follow each other around.

        But what’s tripping me up at the moment is I want to specify a font and the only method I’ve found for this is very wrong from a programming point of view as it would open up a dialog for me to choose the font, forty times, once per label.

        I’m assuming this isn’t the way to do it and that I haven’t found the example I need.

  4. Hindle-a says:

    Hi Digby,thanks for this.Very enjoyable-did not think I was so libertarian though-34 on the Mach scale. regards

  5. lightacandle says:

    Hi Digby,

    You’re a star – shining brightly. Thanks for all your efforts it’s been a lot of fun – good to know we’re all in like minded company – makes if feel not so lonely out there in the big bad world. So when do we start the revolution………

  6. f4frances says:

    Digby, your graphics are looking great! I prefer your axis tags (people, money, freedom, control) than those from political compass too. However I’m still getting my head around interpreting the additional axis.

    • Hi f4frances

      thanks 🙂

      Yes I agree the vertical aspect isn’t immediately clear. The central axis are supposed to give a visual clue, however they are only showing half the scale, I did this originally to remove background clutter.

      However if they don’t work at full size, I’ll scrap them and I’ll look for a more visually compelling way to show the third measurement.