CiF graph 2.0 – new improved power cubelets

Hit a slight stumbler coding for the text labels, but finally found a good sample snippet to help me get my head around the concepts. The graph is still as confusing as hell but who cares – behold and wonder at the power of the label.

A warm welcome to our 2 newest members: GrammarSchoolBoy & Dhuoda who will find themselves in the cyan and green areas respectively.

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Larger images here (click to enlarge):

The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman, GrammarSchoolBoy.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

10percent, 55DegreesNorth, Agreewith, Arbitrarynight, Arseneknows, Cmnimo, The Dalai Lama, darrenlollipopman, Dhuoda, Digby Chicken Ceasar, Eccentrix, F4frances, Fulminor, Giselle,GunboatD, Hacklesup, HindleA, Icaruss, Igoras, Ireadnews, Kermaria, Lightacandle, Lopedevega, Lundiel, Manningtreeimp, Martin Rowson, M K Gandhi, Nemossister, Not1fish, Oheckitshimagain, PeleMcAmble, Roachclip, Rochdalelass, RogerOThornhill, Showmaster, Steve Mann, Swedinburgh, ShanksaLot, Theamighty, Torquie, Urnotanatheist, WatchfulBob, Whizzgiggle, Wmd101 & Zapthecrap.

2 Comments on “CiF graph 2.0 – new improved power cubelets”

  1. lightacandle says:

    Excellent Digby – it really looks smart and well professional – you’ve done a grand job. Hat’s off to you Sir!