CiF Graph update 9th September

A warm welcome to sostherope and geoing who can find their bar in the green area.

Oh and if you’re searching for this blog using google look for “tags c1nf” or “tags comment is not free” will usually get a link in the first 5 or so.

The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman, GrammarSchoolBoy.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

10percent, 55DegreesNorth, Agreewith, Arbitrarynight, Arseneknows, Cmnimo, The Dalai Lama, darrenlollipopman, Dhuoda, Digby Chicken Ceasar, Eccentrix, F4frances, Fulminor, geoing, Giselle, GunboatD, Hacklesup, HindleA, Icaruss, Igoras, Ireadnews, Kermaria, Lightacandle, Lopedevega, Lundiel, Manningtreeimp, Martin Rowson, M K Gandhi, Nemossister, Not1fish, Oheckitshimagain, PeleMcAmble, Roachclip, Rochdalelass, RogerOThornhill, Showmaster, Steve Mann, Swedinburgh, ShanksaLot, sostherope, Theamighty, Torquie, Urnotanatheist, WatchfulBob, Whizzgiggle, Wmd101 & Zapthecrap.