On The Plumb-Pudding in Danger



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Donations for April to June 2011

Donations for April to June 2011

So there I was rooting about in the internet as you do when I fell over the above graph and its attendant data. It’s describing the donations to all UK parties during April to June 2011. Given that this was the run up to the debate on the NHS bill, I found no 7 on the list of top donators to be quite interesting: C & C Alpha Group

I say interesting because C & C Alpha Group are also http://www.alphahospitals.co.uk/. And for some reason “one of the leading providers of low and medium secure mental health care facilities and services” gave £200,000 to the Liberals in those heady days leading up to the fairly non discussion of the NHS bill in the commons.

C & C Alpha have been regular contributors to the LibDems but when you consider that from 2004 to 2010 they had donated 700,000, the perspective gained does raise a question mark on the timing of this last.

This would certainly suggest to me, that the Liberals are play acting dissent in public, putting quite another take on the danger facing the plum pudding.

The Plumb-Pudding in Danger by Gilray

Update: the face behind C & C Alpha Group

C & C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie

Seems your average cyan wolf:
aggregate profile


THE LIBERAL Democrats have accepted donations worth more than £3.5m from four non-doms, even though Nick Clegg, the party’s leader, has said it is “wholly wrong” to have donors not fully tax-resident in the UK.

The revelation has led to accusations by political opponents that Clegg is guilty of “old politics hypocrisy” and failing to stick to his party’s “sanctimonious pledges”.

Bhanu Choudhrie, 32, an Indian-born entrepreneur, and his father Sudhir, have given more than £700,000 to the party in recent years, including a six-figure sum in the past few days.

Alpha Healthcare, one of Choudhrie’s UK businesses, which is owned by a company based in the British Virgin Islands, has given £445,000 to the party in recent years. He and his father have also made substantial personal donations to the party.

Last year Alpha had a turnover of £57m. Its accounts show it paid management bonuses of £2.7m, but just £169,361 of UK tax.


Mr C. seems to like the press but then he has a good publicist.

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  1. Comments are open, for those about to die we salute you.

  2. Digby

    The Steve Bell new cartoon…….

    Clegg is the more than convenient lib dem turkey serving himself up on a plate to be sliced up, eaten, chewed and spat out by his pal Mr Cameron in all sorts of ways most of all to enable Cameron to continue on in power.

    Meanwhile little Ed ever so hungry to get his slice of the pie or should we say turkey in his eagerness to join his fellow uber capitalists unfortunately not simply bites, but blindly cuts off, the hand that feeds him and his party i.e. the unions, which will leave him, as we can see, with not a morsel and far less seats too as Cameron once again gets away with all he hopes for aided and abbetted by the political Laurel and Hardy of our times, Mr Clegg and Mr Milliband.

    Another fine mess they have got us into – and Cameron is left laughing all the way to the…….bank.

  3. AlicanteAnn says:


    Keep up the good work – wit, wisdom and, critical, information. AlicanteAnn

  4. mervyn hyde says:

    Great work, these poisonous cretins have to be exposed !