The CiF graph update 14th September

A warm welcome extended to:
SamsonBadcock, Starfish, starwalk and Fitzarckle.

Apologies upfront just incase I’ve missed anyone, it’s not intentional – post a reminder in the comments and I’ll add you in. And of course don’t forget to enter the caption competition.

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The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, SamsonBadcock, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman, GrammarSchoolBoy.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

10percent, 55DegreesNorth, Agreewith, Arbitrarynight, Arseneknows, Cmnimo, The Dalai Lama, darrenlollipopman, Dhuoda, Digby Chicken Ceasar, Eccentrix, Fitzarckle, F4frances, Fulminor, geoing, Giselle, GunboatD, Hacklesup, HindleA, Icaruss, Igoras, Ireadnews, Kermaria, Lightacandle, Lopedevega, Lundiel, Manningtreeimp, Martin Rowson, M K Gandhi, Nemossister, Not1fish, Oheckitshimagain, PeleMcAmble, Roachclip, Rochdalelass, RogerOThornhill, Showmaster, Starfish, starwalk, Steve Mann, Swedinburgh, ShanksaLot, sostherope, Theamighty, Torquie, Urnotanatheist, WatchfulBob, Whizzgiggle, Wmd101 & Zapthecrap.

2 Comments on “The CiF graph update 14th September”

  1. DigbyCC the list of names is growing. But I see there’s still only one CiF Cyan who was willing to take the test…. yet those of a similar mindset are willing to pass on an endless list of personal details and shopping preferences to total strangers in order to influence the polls. I wonder why that is?