now thou art so low

“Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low,
As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.”
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 3.5

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  1. LAC says:

    Rowson’s cartoon……

    Ha! – The pigs in the trough aren’t rogue traders themselves in every thought and deed? – just unfortunate that one actually got caught in the act. The roguest of traders on the world stage – the financial speculators whose future derivatives and what was it – artificial hedges throw everyones future to the wind whilst their friends in the World Bank and the IMF pave their way for further high risk gambling knowing the runaway capitalist monster has indeed run away with itself and is, as someone once predicted, more than eating itself and yet they continue to let if feed on the greed that brought about this mess in the first place.

    The thing that shocked me most of late was watching Christine Lagarde actually say during her speech yesterday that they have to quicken the pace of handing over state enterprizes to the private sector – who gave them the right to make that decision? And to hear her say it so offhand like that as if it was all a done deal truly shocked me. It seems it has all been pre-arranged and we are mere pawns in their long term strategy of letting the fat cats, the pigs, and their puppets in many a government do as they wish to us. I say the revolution is long overdue – if not then say goodbye to decency, social justice and dare I say humanity.

    And look who’s popped up out of the woodwork to manage the situation as ever…..

    “Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have all put the bank on watch with a view to downgrading its credit rating.”. The biggest rogue traders of the lot – take a look into all their business practices and other companies they run and they are some or the biggest investors and financial speculators around. Who will guard us from the guards.

    Nice to see the sh*t (oops careful) sticking as it should to Mr Osbournes big arse and is that the French chicken they were recently trying to strangle I wonder – yes they all know fine well what they are doing and its going to be a lot worse than animal farm ever was as another of Orwell’s predictions for the future comes more than true. But we know don’t we folks that its all going to end in tears – so get those allotments tended and survival skills honed because it looks like we’re going to need them when those little pigs go squeal squeal squeal all the way over the cliff.

    And just think if Thatcher and Reagan had never been born – it might have all been oh so different. From a graspable utopia to a deranged dystopia all in the space of the last thirty or so years. When will we learn.

  2. LAC says:


    Just to let you know I’ve posted a comment on the cartoon thread but it might take a while to get there – it’s the same as the one above…….they told they wouldn’t censor my comments and I could continue to criticize Guardian writers as long as I keep in the community guidelines, if I so wished so that’ll do for me……..will see how it goes….

    Thanks for everything – will still post here too – I still might not be allowed back so will have to wait and see.

    • however things pan out you’re always welcome to post here, looking forward to seeing you back on the battlefield though 🙂

    • havantaclu says:

      Great that you’re back on the Guardian cartoon thread – but keep commenting on this site as well – that way, those of us who appreciate your wit and wisdom will always have our daily ‘fix’ – even if the Guardian ‘mods’ slap you down for any perceived deviant behaviour (as with your comments on Julian Glover)

  3. LAC says:

    Thanks for that havantaclu – hopefully Digby’s blog pages will be a refuge for cartoon commenters to come to recharge their batteries and look at the many intersting things Mr Digby has to throw our way.

    Just going to copy this post that I have submitted for the Andrew Rawnsley’s questions for Chris Hulne thread here Digby in case it doesn’t go through and I need to query why – but it should go through as it’s all based on fact…..anyway just in case….

    Looking at the Liberal Democrats today can you tell us what are the main differences between yourselves and the conservatives as many now feel you are one and the same in that you have moved substantially rightwards to be in effect tories yourselves.

    Please do not tell us that there is a difference in your education policy as it was revealed the other week by a Guardian journalist in this article – that the ‘free schools’ row was actually an ‘artificial’ one created to make if seem as though there was a difference when all it did was enable Liberal Democrats to actually support them. His actual words were ” An artificial row about profit-making free schools last week allowed Clegg to commit his party to universal academies for the first time”.

    In the same way many are viewing thie latest 50% tax ruse as just that a ruse which has been artificially created once again simply to make it look like there is a difference when it has been once again planned behind closed doors between the coalition partners that this is what will be presented to the media to basically ‘con’ them. Is this the case and can people in fact trust you any more now that we know rows are being ‘artificially created’.

    Please enlighten us.