This day’s black fate

image used with kind permission of Steve Bell



“This day’s black fate on more days doth depend:
This but begins the woe others must end.”
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

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  1. LAC says:

    @Fellow cartoon commenters……

    Have been reading the thread and you’re all doing a fine job as usual standing up for our cartoonists and telling it as it is – the truth. Keep up the good work and thanks for the kind remarks/support too….

    Just to clear things up – I have been in touch with the moderators and have accepted that the reason I was put in pre-mod (again) was because of two things – firstly, and I admit it was wrong but the man has that effect on me – I was abusive towards one of their journalists – and although I take back the insulting part – I still stand by everything else I said within the comment. Secondly I repeated the post on seven different threads so they tell me – but I did so within the context of each thread so I don’t think that should have been a problem – and I knew it would be deleted from Mr Glover’s thread so wanted to make sure it got through elsewhere – again within context though.

    So I was in the wrong by being abusive but it angered me so much that Clegg had effectively derailed the NHS debate by purposely creating, as Mr Glover admitted – a ‘false dispute over the free schools issue’ which the media lapped up – the anger boiled over into the offensive comments – but it was a passion and concern for all those this government is targetting rather than a hatred of Mr Glover – which I can come close to sometimes I have to admit – that brought about the insult. But such is life – I was wrong – I have said so to the moderators and have not posted for near on a week now – the problem I have though is that they also want to pre-mod my comments which means them deciding what I can or cannot say and thus in a way censoring me.

    I will never allow anyone that control over my words and as it goes against everything I stand for and believe in – freedom of speech – the right to speak unhindered – then I cannot play their game and send in comments for them to pre-judge over a period of time just so I can come back. I won’t do it. I believe I have been punished enough by not posting comments for nearly a week and feel that that should be enough or if they want to prolong that period then that is up to them. That is where it all stands at the moment. Whether or not they will allow me back I don’t know – the balls in their court and I shall keep corresponding with them.

    – keep up the good work over there – you along with our cartoonists are amongst the only ones still speaking out against all that is wrong in our society today and I’ll always keep on reading and supporting that and hopefully one day will be able to rejoin you as I always gain great comfort in knowing that there are like minded people around, particpating in the thread with you, and knowing that there is still hope.

    All the best – In the meantime I’ll post here and here is my comment for today’s cartoon……


    As Cameron and Sarkozy play to the worlds media the flag of the Palestinian people still lies battered and bruised discarded and kicked to one side by Mr Cameron and most other western leaders alike as they refuse to try and seek a peaceful solution whilst claiming they are the saviours of democracy elsewhere. What democracy?

    As for the Palestinian flag…..

    The poem that some say inspired the flag eventually taken as the Palestinian one tells us why the colours were chosen and yet the words continue on today as seemingly nothing has been learned by players of all sides but particularly those in the West who have picked up and tossed aside many a flag in the region for their own vested interests and seemingly still do so today.

    “The origins of the flag ……n one version, the colours were chosen by the Arab nationalist ‘Literary Club’ in Constantinople in 1909, based on the words of the thirteenth century Arab poet Safi a-Din al-Hili:

    Ask the high rising spears, of our aspirations
    Bring witness the swords, did we lose hope
    We are a band, honor halts our souls
    Of beginning with harm, those who won’t harm us
    White are our deeds, black are our battles,
    Green are our fields, red are our swords.
    (Safi al-Din al-Hili, poet).”

    “Green are our fields, red are our swords”…….and still today the blood continues to flow as the Imperialists continue to wield their own swords as and when it suits.

    Wonder if Cameron and Sarkozy will look to bringing about justice in that part of the Middle East – or does it all depend on where the oil runs free and a quick buck can be made. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be running to the aid of the Palestinians in the not too distant future – but with double standards there and eslewhere within the region as the British arms sales continue on to the various remaining despots to be used against their civilian populations dare they should ask for democracy – the double dealings, double standards and hypocrisy will shine out for all to see.

    It is no surprise then that Cameron had a strange uncomfortable and guilty air about him – he fully knows the truth of the matter whereby ‘democracy’ will be given to those who play the West’s game and yet will still be denied to those people’s whose leaders no matter how undemocratic will still gain the West’s arms and favour as long as they continue to serve the interests of the likes of Mr Cameron and Sarkozy as and when it suits……Bahrain, Saudi Arabia etc etc. Human rights organisation are even now informing us that people in those countries are being sent to jail for life sentences for speaking out, have been killed, others have simply ‘disappeared’ and God knows what else…….and yet no word from our two self proclaimed saviours or democracy? I wonder why…….

    Please note moderators if you venture here – this has nothing to do with any other commenter – all my own doing so please don’t involve anyone else – the punishment is for me and me alone.

  2. btw try googling “tags lightacandle c1nf” in a few hours and the guys over at say hi!

  3. lightacandle says:

    Hi Diggers.

    This is a useful petition re. Palestine UN membership…..

  4. Daffers56 says:

    Hi Digby

    Apologies have posted this on another blog (13th Sept)

    Here are my scores for the CIF Graph:

    Economic: Left Right – 7.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian – 6.67

    Regards, Daffers.

    ps Hi to LAC and everyone else.

  5. LAC says:

    Thanks Romeo!

    But watch out for reproduction rights/copyright with regard to reproducing the cartoons – I know it goes on all over the web but some people still might get funny about it although I think Mr Rowson wouldn’t mind,

    You can delete this post after reading it – but not before I say – top of the morning to you my good friend!!!

    • I’m being as careful as – I’m linking to the Guardian rather than copying the image and giving copyright information, and should anyone object all they need to do is contact me and I will take down the link.

  6. LAC says:


    Just to let you know I’ve posted a comment on the cartoon thread but it might take a while to get there – it’s the same as the one above…….they told they wouldn’t censor my comments and I could continue to criticize Guardian writers as long as I keep in the community guidelines, if I so wished so that’ll do for me……..will see how it goes….

    Thanks for everything – will still post here too – I still might not be allowed back so will have to wait and see.