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Update 20th September

Comments have closed on the live blog of the conference, and couldn’t help but poke fun at the lack of response:

Digby “Tam Dayell” CC took the floor for the third successive day
“Would the right honourable Anybody Writing For the Guardian kindly explain if, in their opinion, the direction The HMS Liberal Party was facing when C&C Alpha group fired their donation, and did the HMS Liberal change course due to the firing or not”

The closest there was to an answer was from Poly Toynbee who replied to another poster that she didn’t believe the Libs were taking bribes – more like they were ideologically committed to private medicine. (See guys it’s not that hard). Still it doesn’t address the fact the owner of the same donor company is apparently wanted for arms dealing in India.

As to the silence on the part of the pro Lib journalists- I’m guessing they’re hoping by not engaging they’re not seen to be giving credence to some random joe’s pet theory, from the way other posters are picking up the non reply aspect, it’s actually coming across more like they’re afraid to engage and debate the issue.
That and apparently spectacularly missing the point of a live blog.

Still, there’s always tomorrow:

What do you think about C & C Alpha Group, who own Alpha Hospitals, donating 200,000 pounds to the LibDems in Q2 of 2011, coming as it did in the run up to debating NHS reforms?

Or that the fact the LibDems still accept donations at all from C & C Alpha Group given its connection to an arms deal scandal?

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9 Comments on “More echoes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep on truckin, Digby; you give hope to all of us

  2. havantaclu says:

    I’ll try again … and again … and again.

    Until the end …


  3. havantaclu says:

    Hey Digby – I got first post on the Conference rolling blog – and now it’s been moderated!!

    Well, whaddya know!!!

    I’ll try again later, as promised.

  4. havantaclu says:

    Tried again – and modded again.

    Hey I’m getting good at this!

    Can you tell me – is it three strikes and you’re out? I’ll check here in a few hours’ time – when I’m back from my Governors’ meeting (oh, yes, I’m a Governor at a local Special School).

    Where, incidentally, I expect we’ll be discussing summer school …

  5. btw try googling “C&C Alpha LibDem” – your comment is still in the google cache Haventaclue

  6. havantaclu says:

    Hi DCC

    Just got back from meeting feeling tired and depressed – noticed that you hadn’t raised the important questions re C&CAlpha on the FibDem Conference blog, and decided not to try for the third time.

    Will you please forgive me for not trying again?