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Ahh the final day of the Lib Dem conference and what an odd day it was.

It started fairly normally, a post first thing on the nearest liberal themed blog in CiF highlighting the questions about finances. Then I got this from Haventaclu

Hey Digby – I got first post on the Conference rolling blog – and now it’s been moderated!!

Well, whaddya know!!!

Well now that’s just unfriendly.

Wondering if  perhaps the repetition of the message had finally got to the mods, I started posting in pieces of the story which answered the questions about the untoward relationship between the Lib Dems and C & C Alpha group.

I did eventually suffer a take down -the above post  – but  I’ve no idea why. What was it the moderator found objectionable in comparison to the previous posts, I’ll let you be the judge :

DigbyChickenCeasar   21 September 2011 1:19PM

the Independant Monday, 19 September 2005

When his colleague David Laws MP, in an article in the now notorious Orange Book broached the question of reforming the NHS, he was almost lynched by his colleagues. But Nick Clegg isn’t content to hide behind the safe prosaic rhetoric that surrounds most health service debates. He rejects old platitudes and, in a refreshingly honest and outspoken intervention, declares bluntly the NHS should be “broken up”.


Given that this is from 2005, when did it become LibDem policy?

DigbyChickenCeasar 21 September 2011 2:20PM

Donor to Lib Dems is client of Lord Clement-Jones‘s lobbying firm

The Times May 6, 2008
Lord Clement-Jones, the Lib Dems’ chief fundraiser since 2005, has come under scrutiny because he helped to get a peerage for a director who sits on the sister companies of Alpha Healthcare, the Lib Dems’ donor.

The discovery of the lobbying link comes as an all-party committee of MPs is to meet on Thursday to consider whether more light should be shed on politicians who are also lobbyists.

I’m sure it’s all above board.

DigbyChickenCeasar 21 September 2011 2:36PM

Alpha plans healthcare arm float.(Business)

Article from: The Mail on Sunday (London, England) | May 9, 2010 | Copyright


C&C ALPHA Group, a major donor to the Liberal Democrats, is preparing a listing for its healthcare division for hundreds of millions of pounds.

The privately owned investment company has begun a beauty parade of advisers, which include HSBC and Citigroup, to float C&C Alpha Healthcare this year.

Executive director Bhanu Choudhrie said an investment bank would be chosen in the next two weeks.

The division includes Alpha Hospitals, providing psychiatric care services with three hospitals and more than 300 beds in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Surrey, as well as Alpha Care Homes, with 13 homes and 640 beds in the Midlands and …

This is the same Alpha Health I presume.

(next was the missing post:)

the Disappeared

DigbyChickenCeasar21 September 2011 3:13PM

so –

given the background which I’ve highlighted so far in this thread,

and given that we re talking about a party that is in government,

and given they must have, in the course of the jobs, at least come across the names and the situations I’ve mentioned here

and given at least 1 of the questions I asked was passed to them on day 3
can I ask the guardian journalists why have they appear to be unwilling to express an opinion about this issue which I have been asking about now for 5 days?

And then came this post from Gordi:


21 September 2011 4:38PM

3.32pm: Clegg’s speech has started. Tom Clark tweets:

“we’re in nobody’s pocket” earns by far best cheer so far – a good line

Digbychickenceasar asked:
What do you think about C & C Alpha Group, who own Alpha Hospitals, donating 200,000 pounds to the LibDems in Q2 of 2011, coming as it did in the run up to debating NHS reforms?

Digbychickenceasar you have your answer.

The LibDems are in nobody’s pockets. That’s very reassuring to know, particularly coming from Nick Clegg, a man always consistent and truthful in with what he says. Digbychickenceasar you have your answer, the LibDems are in nobody’s pockets, Nick Clegg says so, it must be true…

DigbyChickenCeasar21 21 September 2011 5:08PM


wait – you’re saying Nick Clegg answered my question?

JessicaReed can you ask the journalists if in fact Nick Clegg was replying to the question I and other posters have been asking on the conference threads?

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Now you may call me delusional, or even slightly derranged, but (cue “Land of Hope and Glory” playing gently in the background) I like to think, that in some small way, that “we’re in nobody’s pocket” is directed at me and all the others like Haventaclue and Gordi, who refused to be silent and stood up to be counted – CiFers I salute you!

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want more background on this issue?

2 Comments on “Missing presumed dead.”

  1. havantaclu says:

    Digby – have you seen the Indie cartoon this morning!!!

    My husband alerted me to it. We’re not the only ones, it would seem!

  2. havantaclu says:

    Digby – I just posted this on the Guardian ‘reality-check on the NHS’ site:

    From the article highlighted by icaro @11.32:

    For individuals, there is money to be made by promoting the market. In 2006, Accountancy Age reported that the NHS was spending more on consultants than all Britain’s manufacturers put together. The figure for 2007-08 was £308.5 million. The post-political careers of the Labour cabinet ministers responsible for marketising the NHS don’t make for comfortable reading. Alan Milburn became an adviser to Bridgepoint Capital, a venture capital firm backing private health companies in Britain, and to the crisps and fizzy drinks maker PepsiCo; for 18 days a year advising Cinven, which owns 37 private hospitals

    And now we have Clegg and the FibDems denying that their party is in anyone’s pocket.

    Fast-forward a few years, and where will those FibDems be? Earning good money, and we all know where!

    The article’s in The London Review of Books’, by the way.

    Good hunting!