The Camergine

During a discussion about what it was that makes David Cameron’s face so smooth which starts around about here, Zapthecrap opportuned that it was actually because Cameron was an aubergine.

“Heh-heh” I thought, and ran off to do something spiffy on that theme. I can’t say I’m terribly proud of what I ended up with :

The Camergine 1.0

At this point I began to think about exactly how you could achieve something better, and always willing to try my hand at new things came up with this, which all things considered (ie I had to learn how to draw caricatures) didn’t come out too bad:

The Camergine 2.0

Then I remembered that trusty old Blender had a sculpt feature. It took a bit of getting used to but here’s what I ended up with, entirely hand sculpted (and if you look closely you’ll see the odd digital thumb print):

The Camergine 3.0?

The Camergine 3.0?

He looks a bit like someone’s worried uncle, but I enjoyed the experience enough to try it again.

4 Comments on “The Camergine”

  1. havantaclu says:

    Well, Digby, no-one else has commented (it’s now 14.45) and yet this has been available for comment since yesterday evening.

    So I’ll step gingerly in … (since angels have feared to tread)

    Although I can see the resemblance between the Cameron and the aubergine – why pick on the poor aubergine? (Yes, I know it was zapthecrap, but really!) I use aubergines almost every week – parmigiana, ratatouille, all sorts of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, and it’s a family favourite.

    So, a most delightful and delicious vegetable being compared with Cameron! Only when the aubergine deliqueses, surely? And in my house that just doesn’t happen …

    • TBH it’s the shininess.

      So looking for something else offensive and shiny , only white van driver’s head comes to mind.

      • havantaclu says:

        Are you still implying that an aubergine is offensive? Shame on you!

        But a white van driver’s head – ah, that I can accept. Go for it!

      • no bad wording- I like aubergines despite them being as shiny as The Camergine.

        By the “something else” I meant something at matched the criteria of being both notably shiny and offensive at the same time, which precludes aubergines which are shiny but delicious.