It has been pointed out to me that aubergines were badly misrepresented by the Camergine – being delicious it’s not their fault their waxy complexion is the perfection Cameron’s skin regime aspires to. I have to say I actually like aubergines, I have had many a memorable evening with some of them, so please don’t label me as vegetabalist.

However casting about for an alternative did leave me with a puzzle as to what could be shiny whilst getting closer to the Nasty side of Cameron?

A-a-a-a-a-nd things just sort of came together: white van man + Cameron

Glad to say I finally figured out to to ears that look like ears šŸ˜€

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  1. lightacandle says:

    Hi Digby – techno wizard supreme……

    Have left a message for Bob stating that if he wants to chat or whatever he can here whilst
    sorting out his difficulties or should we say difficulties imposed on him by others. Why take out those commenters who liven the place up and leave all the grey foreboding trolls on to spout their bile and nonsense.

    Is that OK with you? Think he’ll be sleeping now as his night is sort of our day but if he sees the message tomorrow maybe he’ll pop in to your little haven – the refuge from the dark days of tory rule.

    Anyway hope you’re well……

    The John Harris video is a good one today if you get the time…..liked the Tom Watson bit – ‘every politician should stick two fingers up at the Sun”. My hero.

  2. lightacandle says:

    So so – I think I’m addicted to CiF and I’m trying to get on with other things I should be getting on with which have taken a back seat the past year or so so will try and work out a balance that works – don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way???

    The thing is I gain great comfort from spending time and company here with like minded people – before I found Cif – my husband who’s housebound for most of the day said I should give it a go – I was real depressed after the tories got in and that was quite a shock as I’m not the sort to usually get down and I’m usually the one to keep other people’s spirits up – but the thought of the return or them and the memory of the harm they did last time really hit me – so I find this place sort of therapeutic and knowing there are others out there who still give a damn sort of spurs you and pushes you on to join in campaigns, actions etc and generally have a modicum of hope for the future.

    And of course not forgetting the likes of you and Bob, our cartoonists and the rest of the cartoon commenters and commenters elsewhere who in their different ways it all make it worthwhile – we just have to work on the moderators as they seem happy to ban those who make the place what it is and yet keep the likes of many a vicious troll who adds nothing whilst taking a lot away. Such is life.

    Anyway – your blog is yet another thing to encounter on life’s journey that makes it all the more interesting – I liked the political compass thing – it was funny too wasn’t it – did you see I ended up squishing Mr Rowson – that made me laugh!

    Keep up the good work Digby – will pop in more often for a chat as so should others – at least here we’re free from the cumbersome mods and can let our hair down a little so to speak……we’ll have to extend the Cartoon Chrismas party to these pages – get a bit of free virtual wine/beer going……many a song…….and as we drown our sorrows we can imagine a world in which the tories or the right wing fascitis never existed and peace and love and all that makes life interesting and enjoyable rules the day………

  3. agree with you 100% about the Nasty party – I watched people close to me get ground down to bloody stumps because of them, last time around.

    As far as the CiF mods are concerned here’s an anecdote which might shed some light on the moderation policy-

    An acquaintance got put on immediate pre mod for writing in a CiF comment something to the effect that a successful CiF article is measured by its post count and that rather than posting to say something is crap just skip the thread.

    The pre mod just confirmed the suspicion voiced.

    As to getting pushed to do things – since I started this blog I’m pushing myself to do stuff everyday, anything I don’t know how to do I learn or try to, to a sufficient level to complete the task I’ve set myself.

    I really started the blog because of not1fish – when I read about the guy getting arrested for rioting and then vigilante’d (, it just summed up everything I hated about where the world is. I just felt I had to do something, and the moment I finally took the decision I suddenly felt at peace with myself, so I emailed Dane Williamson’s lawyer asking what help I could offer and set up the blog. I never got a reply back – I think with hind sight an email from probably looked like I was taking the piss – but the fact I did something rather than just feeling like shit after reading about it, made it clearer that’s what I should be doing – anything but accepting the BS.

  4. lightacandle says:

    Yes Digby sometimes you wonder can I really make a difference but even if by your presence you can make someone else’s day go a bit better or help take the load of their back I guess it all helps and sometimes that is what happens here on CiF and I have been introduced to many a campaign too and the more the numbers grow the more they have to listen – we hope?

    I’m going to take part in the Nov 30 protests somehow – as long as there is something local I should be OK – I can never travel down to London so that option’s always out but there are other ways and means. If things get really bad and people get desperate I can see more extreme action or measures being taken as what have people got to lose? I just hate the apathy and complacancy and general lack of life and vitality you seem to get in this country. I remember when we left to live in Northern Spain for a few years whilst the tories where in power last time I’ll never forget my jaw actually ached from laughing and smiling so much when in Spain as life there was actually lived to the full compared to being stuck in Britain where especially up North it was pretty miserable under tory rule and just seemed to sap the life and joy out of you.

    I find I get my laughs this time round often through CiF thankfully and peace and piece of mind from many a day spent at the allotment or walking or riding along the coast – which all helps. I just worry for my son now – he’s just started sixth form and the pressure is on which is so wrong. I’ve told him to do exactly what he wants and just to enjoy it and if the worst came to the worst he could always go off abroad and teach English in many a country until he could do and get where he wanted – best education around anyway to travel and if he’s out of this country under tory rule all well and good.

    It’s funny as I was watching John Harris’s video which had a kind of Beatles flavour and so posted a couple of Beatle’s songs and noticed that the suits and haircuts are similar to what seems to be the fashion for my son and his friends – only wish the freedom and hope for the future that was around then could be the case today too but I guess not. Hard times ahead and they’ve being kicked even before they leave home – I hate the tories – all the inequalities and the priviliges they are going to further promote and pass down to their own at the expense of the rest of the youth of today is all wrong – they should all be treated equally and have equal opportunities but it seems the old boy as well as the old school network is still alive and well if not moreso.

    Yes my advice to him would be to get out of this country as soon as possible and go somewhere where people are treated decently and are valued for what they are not who they are are who they know. If he’s poor but happy then all well and good – I picked up this good motto from a wonderful man we met in Spain who had been taken in by a village and given a home and a life in return for him doing odd jobs around the place and walking the goats up and down the mountain – and even though he had very little he invited us around for a meal and told us that his motto for life was ‘sufficiente para cada dia y nada mas’ which I may have got slightly wrong but meant – as long as I have just enough for each day and nothing more then I’m happy – and he was – although he had lived a hard life – he was one of the most content people I have met and fully at peace with himself. So if my son and the other young people can find that in their lives and not this materialistic infested pursuit of happiness crap that is so wrong then all well and good.

    Sorry about the length of that Digby – just had to let it out!

  5. havantaclu says:

    LightaCandle –

    I would agree with your advice to your son – do what you really enjoy at college and then leave the country. I just wish that my daughter and her husband had taken the same advice – doled out to them thirteen years ago – but they didn’t, and now I’m afraid they’re too old to be welcome in other English-speaking countries (hubby doesn’t speak anything but Geordie English, altho’ daughter has a facility for languages after spending her early years moving around Germany and East Africa).

    And, as you say, you meet marvellous people on the way!

    My best wishes to him – and to you! Keep up the good work, we’d miss you far too much on CiF if you disappeared again. Hope we hear from Bob as well …

  6. lightacandle says:

    Yes Havantaclu – I’m missing Bob already :(.