That Milton Bloody Freidman

Milton Friedman

Just in on the wire:

The industrialist praised by Labour Party leader Ed Miliband as “the true face of British business” in a speech that said the U.K. needs “not financial engineering, but real engineering” has just become a banker.

John Rose, former chief executive officer of Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc, was appointed last week as deputy chairman of Rothschild Group, which ranks sixth in Europe this year in providing advice on mergers and acquisitions, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.






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19 Comments on “That Milton Bloody Freidman”

  1. havantaclu says:

    And why are we not surprised?

  2. It’s just confirmed for me that Labour is Tory and vice versa. It’s all just Freidman’s ghostly hand.

    And a Rothschild banker at that, ffs.

  3. Bob says:

    Watch that references to the Rothschilds doesn’t get you banned for anti-semitism. Seriously.

  4. lightacandle says:


    Any news on the why and wherefore and how and therefore??? I sent an e.mail in saying at least they should let you know the reason why so you could take it from there. Good to see you anyway 🙂

    Digsby – you need to shout that one a little louder from the rooftops – I’m surprised Mr Glover hasn’t jumped onto it though – that would surely make his day… the little toerag. Funny though isn’t it?

    • LAC you know I pulled that from Glover’s twitter feed? I just happened to be clicking on who was posting on the guardian conference twit feed and saw it – hence the almost instantaneous time scale with Milliband naming John Rose and a Bloomburg Journo Glover follows, tweeting about a story just published by Bloomberg.

      Twitter is interesting for profiling people too I’d say, though it appears Glover is following an editorial line as far as his feed goes – the people he follows aren’t.

  5. havantaclu says:

    Welcome, oh watchful one! Good to know you’re around somewhere – I hope it’ll be on your old haunts soon!

    How sensitive are those CiF moderators anyway! What in hell’s name got you pre-modded?

  6. Hey Bob

    good to see you

    thanks for the heads up – but I’m sure if I point out the Mandy/Osbourne Greek jaunt to describe the calibre of people we’re talking about – it will be clear that I’m not irked because they’re jewish, but because they’re peddling policies.

    Either way I am prepared.

  7. Pete Lumb says:

    Thank you and good luck

  8. lightacandle says:

    It came from Julian Glover initially – Ha! – Why am I so not surprised. What a weasel Wonder if he’ll ever get round to tweeting all those dubious connections relating to his pals in the coalition………don’t get your hopes up.

    • not exactly from him – a twit feed he follows.

      My secret aim is to get someone he follows to follow me then he’ll have to read all my tweets muhahahahahaahahhahahah!
      Only downside is they’re all serious journalists so maybe I shouldn’t put too much store on it happening (*wrinlkes nose theatrically* and mimics heavy sarcasm verging on disgust “……oh you have a blog“)

  9. lightacandle says:

    Oh Lordy Digby don’t let him anywhere near here – he’ll stop at nothing to try and get the mods to mod us through association. Or if that doesn’t work get Cameron and co. to dabble with the justice system to make it an offence to dare to slag off St.Julian – four years minimum.

  10. lightacandle says:

    Funny Digby – if anyone ever came across us you’d better delete all my strange posts or else they might disappear as soon as they came!

  11. havantaclu says:

    Digby – just found this on Umair Haque’s blog. Sounds like our kind of guy.

    While capitalism has advanced us it has not brought us happiness.
    The Financial Times found that standards of living in the UK had been rising
    since the 1950’s but levels of happiness have not been rising accordingly. The
    idea that capitalism is bringing us happiness is completely fictitious. In the
    book The Spirit Level, written by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, they
    found that in societies where the gap between rich and poor was the greatest,
    people in those countries were almost invariably the unhappiest. It turns out our
    happiness levels are determined by how we compare to other people. If you have
    a competitive society then people who have not done so well in life naturally
    feel themselves inferior compared to the “winners”. It is one of the
    reasons that depression rates in the richest countries are so high. Communism
    has never worked, true, but that is because the implementation of it has never
    been conducted in the correct manner. As the Soviets found out you cannot force
    people to go against their egoistic nature, in exactly the same way you can’t
    stop cats from having a desire to eat mice. What you can do, is control people
    through the social environment. What we must do is start taking the educational
    system and open people’s eyes to humanity’s mutual interdependency which is
    rapidly becoming revealed – this is primarily the reason why capitalism is no
    longer working. In the Eurozone we are seeing that if we allow one country to
    default then the whole thing will collapse, therefore in order for the Eurozone
    to survive all the countries have to collaborate. The Eurozone, if it is to
    survive, must now implement a true unified system based on the wellbeing of the
    entire Eurozone and not one where each individual country is hell bent on
    looking after its interests. Global warming is another good example of this
    interdependency. If any country over pollutes, then the effects are felt all
    over the globe. If one country were to destroy the ozone layer, or melt the
    polar ice caps, the disastrous environmental effects would be felt everywhere
    across the globe. Our interdependency may become further revealed in the face
    of rapidly declining natural resources. Whether we like it or not the whole of
    humanity is in one boat and the actions of one nation have effects on all of
    us. We need to educate people to this glaringly obvious fact and have a
    curriculum based on it. Then what we need to do is start influencing people in
    a positive manner. For example, instead of giving constant publicity and praise
    to people who have striven for self-fulfilling goals, we now need to decorate
    those that contribute to the wellbeing of society. People today aspire for
    money, fame and honor because they are being brainwashed by a wholly
    irresponsible media to believe that those things will bring them fulfillment.
    If you are manipulating people’s aspirations to be only for self-fulfillment,
    then you can do exactly the same thing in reverse by glorifying positive
    actions and honoring those things. I, for example, think my refuse collectors
    are much worthier of praise and media attention than Richard Branson or Jordan.
    If my refuse collectors were given huge media coverage and awards then you can
    bet your bottom dollar people would want to become refuse collectors. One of
    the primary desires in human being’s is the desire for honor in the eyes of
    others. It is therefore imperative that what you glorify in society is positive
    because by that you will control the aspirations of the people. Capitalism
    simply can’t last because it is directly in opposition to the laws of
    interdependency that humanity is in. It is not bringing people happiness
    anymore and its promises of a brighter future are seen to be a complete lie. Communism
    is not a pipe dream. It is a system that can work if we are wise enough to
    learn from the mistakes that other previous “communist” governments made. The
    bottom line is this: we need a global social system that recognizes humanity’s
    interdependence, one that will take into consideration the wellbeing of people
    as a whole. It must be a system based on co-operation because the only way for
    humanity to get itself out of all of the problems is through unity and tearing
    down the barriers that have so far divided us. Granted this is a tall order,
    none the less this must be achieved.

    His name is kdawson45

    Sorry Digby – carried over much more than I had intended – although I thought I’d deleted what I didn’t want

  12. havantaclu says:

    Digby – help! somehow I’ve a) double-posted and b) failed to cut out things I didn’t intend to include!