Grabbism: more pearls.

Grabbism: rebranding Freidman (click to visit/navigate the tree)

So you know the deal during a debate you made some posts which you think you’d like to refer back to on CiF. What this normally means for me, is logging into CiF clicking on my profile, then the link to display all my comments and scrolling about. Depending on the amount of posts I’ve made in the interim, I may even have to use the search function to find the phrase I’m intending to repost or link to, while opening separate browser windows for any source docs I may have used.

What you can see above is a screen grab of a sub-tree, where I’ve bookmarked each post, dragged them into chronological order and set their names to key phrases contained within, and I’ve also included some background docs. You can click on the image above if you want to navigate the tree in real time.


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16 Comments on “Grabbism: more pearls.”

  1. lightacandle says:

    Hi Digby
    That sounds good to be all be it technologically way above my head. You should talk to Martin the CiF techno staff member who sometimes appears on the You Tell us Thread re.techno changes etc. He would find such things interesting I’m sure.

    With regard to our new friend Sublim – I am trusting that what he says to me it true and in good faith – well today’s posts anyway – he’s not taking the piss is he – I’m useless at judging when someone is doing that to me.

    • Did you check out the post from yesterday on pearltrees – there’s a video linked in at the bottom. It’s no harder than setting up an CiF account and the set up walks you through adding stuff to your browser etc.

      You don’t have to use it of course 😀

      Regarding our friend:
      We’re talking about an account that was started in June, had 1 post on activation, another 1 in August then became hyperactive active yesterday, 2 days before the Tory conference. That’s a classic – someone set up an account for later use – with no personalisation (icons, profile information).

      Add that to his MO, his goal is to sail that fine line where he is taking the piss to your face but subtly enough that it could be “unintentional” and deniable. Read back through the thread from yesterday and you’ll notice the insults gradually get less and less veiled the longer people engage with him as he believes we’ve all fallen for his schtick.

      He goes back onto “nice” mode today after I started calling him out as he tried to troll Roachclip, which is around the time you were engaging with him.

  2. Bob says:

    With regards the new friend above, I thought you lot were licked, but you seem to have a good brain for unpicking the ambushes, Digby, just what we need on the team.

    “drop me a line guys” off of today’s thread.

  3. LAC says:

    Hey Bob

    Good old Irene eh? She didn’t let the side down today and I’m liking that fancy fetching flower tucked behind her ear.

    Drop you a line? How so my Borneo based one.

  4. lightacandle says:

    Digby just copying this posting to Mr Rawnsley here as I feel it might get modded but hopefully won’t lead to a pre mod as its very polite and no swearing. I just get this funny feeling…….

    30 September 2011 3:53PM
    Hello there Andrew,

    What happened then? Seems they’re not prepared to put forward any of their big guns for scrutiny so they’ve fobbed you up with a few newcomers. So we get Chris Huhne from the Lib Dems, Yvette Cooper from Labour and now you’re allowing them to get away with handing you a few newbies. I wouldn’t stand for it if I were you and neither will we. What’s the point. Tell them to go take a hike and not come back until they hand you Pickles or the like on a plate and then give them the interview and the scrutiny they should be getting and not the easy ride most of the media seem to be quite happy to be coerced into.

    Wouldn’t have happened on the watch of the Guardian of old but then again the Guardian or Observer of old had a whole different calibre of journalist then didn’t they?

    No offence intended – just stating a home truth.

  5. lightacandle says:

    Hey Bob

    Do you not think that there might be a crack in Sublim’s veneer. Sometimes you get a troll who will never change his tune but occasionally get one who you think has something in there worth fighting for. Or I am a sucker.

    • if I can interject – he thinks he’s playing you when you engage him – as long as you make it clear you understand that you might get a debate out of him – but he really gets his kicks by feeling he’s manipulating others.

  6. lightacandle says:

    I’ve just sent an e.mail to Max Keiser telling him to have a look at the cartoon and the thread and about his growing band of followers from the Guardian cartoon pages. Wonder if he will? I’m going to suggest CiF do an article by him – should be fun especially if he came below the line.

  7. lightacandle says:

    Yes Digby I kind of sensed that but still had hope for him. He hasn’t returned anyway – if he does I’ll be straight up and down with him and ask him what he’s really all about. Just have to perservere with the likes of Uri etc – but somtimes I think they are a lost cause. But something must keep drawing them in I reckon – there must be some of them who aren’t really all that bad or dim. I really am a sucker aren’t I?

  8. lightacandle says:

    Cross postings there Digby – as for Mr Keiser – yes maybe I’ll have a look.

    Meanwhile Trooster’s having problems linking on the cartoon thread – I tried to help but to no avail – could you?

  9. havantaclu says:

    Digby – I am sure that you will have read the Democratic Audit’s paper by Robert Beetham ‘Unelected Oligarchy: Corporate and Financial Dominance in Britain’s Democracy’ – not happy reading.

    At the end he says:

    ‘the blogosphere has proven ‘a boisterous outlet for airing views and venting frustrations, but there’s no direct or systematic link between these forums and decision makers.’

    Is there a case for us to start thinking about forming a link between these forums as a preliminary to linking with decisionmakers?

    Because UK Plc is not going to be easy to influence – and the ballot-box, as we know, is not an effective way.

    • If the events on the Occupy Wall Street protest has shown anything it’s social media can muster a crowd but there has to be a direction, a motive beyond drawing numbers.

      The other thing I’m sure of is the feral Grabbists won’t give up without a Gaddafi type fight. It might not be actual sniper bullets, but they will do their level best to remove obstacles.

  10. havantaclu says:

    Digby – I thought it was particularly relevant to the Graun’s front page first stories – but what a surprise! none of them have a comment thread.

    Have added a comment on the cartoon thread but expect to be modded for being irrelevant.