Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that.

New Conservative party logo proposal

Given the latest poll results which are remarkable if only for mapping the drop in polarity for the Conservatives over the 2 day period that the poll was carried out just prior to the opening of their Manchester Grim Display of United Front Chatroom, I thought the Conservative party logo should get a retouch.

Gone are the vibrant greens, in are the dying ones. Out go the blues in come the darkening skies of economic apocalypse, whose flickering shadows play across that brown and dessicated land. Gone is the slightly angled trunk suggesting charm and character, to be replaced with a more drastic lurch to the right, suggesting it may just keel over if strong enough winds come along. It has that extra something of, I don’t know, honesty?

Talking of honesty, looking at the original, I can’t help but think the Tories should go and see Citizen’s Advice (run though, what with the current arctic climate for services and charities it might not be around for much longer) because, unless they got the original for free, they’ve been badly chiselled. I mean it’s a tree, drawn by scribbles with an electronic pen using stock Adobe Illustrator brushes and the stock pallet colours. Or to put it another way in the image above, which I drew from scratch, the sky took the longest to do.

I know, I know – you’re going to say “well of course it’s easy just to copy something that’s already done, I mean everyone who walks into a music store to try the instruments can play “Stairway to Heaven”, but they didn’t actually sit down and figure it out from scratch did they?” I’ll answer that by asking another question: who would have the chagrin to claim the intellectual rights for writing Chopsticks?

It’s worth mentioning that Perfect Day the intellectual gnats behind the logo, who were also responsible for this example of facile-to-the-point-of-vomiting

(yellow + smiley face = good, red + angry face = bad) and this homage to transparent layers in Photoshop that completely fails to instill any sense of motion, which would sort have been the point of the copy,

also include McDonalds in their client list. Fast food = fast ideas (hands off Perfect Day, I’m claiming my own slice of that facile pie market!)


Riffing on a theme and picking up on LAC’s dead tree refrain

Gies a job I can do that!



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9 Comments on “Hope you didn’t pay a lot for that.”

  1. lightacandle says:


    Like the loose snaggly ends on either side – ready to unravel any day now,

    Here’s my contribution…..

  2. lightacandle says:

    It always does that when you try to copy an image from the google image pages – hope it didn’t cause anything to explode. I tend to have that effect on technology.

  3. lightacandle says:

    The dead tree is fine by me. There’s must be dead anyway as I’ve never seen a tree with a blue trunk before.

  4. lightacandle says:


    I’m looking for Troocost’s post – as they said they’ve left something on your pages???

  5. Nicky says:

    There’s a very interesting article about the Tory logo by a blogger who works in advertising, He noticed something very odd within the seemingly random scribble. He describes a conversation he had with someone else in the industry.

    We talked about all sorts; how people get passed along within the industry like pieces in a board game, how sex is used and abused in advertising. When I mentioned the Conservative logo, she went quiet, and looked at me, then asked me how I knew that. I said I’d done my own research. She told me, somewhat hesitantly, that people in the packaging design industry have talked about the Conservative logo for years – Firstly, about its blatant copying from the Irish Progressive Democrats. And secondly, for its use of subliminal messaging. The general public don’t know about this because people in advertising work in a closed world – they sign a confidentiality statement with the firm they work for, and they know that if ever they become a whistleblower, they will never get a job in the packaging design industry again.

    The top of the tree has an ‘s’ and ‘x’ shape – vague enough not to be consciously noticed, but on a subliminal level it’s supposed to give you the warm fuzzy feeling that thinking about sex induces … that’s the theory anyway. Subliminal messaging is supposed to be illegal, by the way.