Placards, get yer placards

In case anyone is spotting for them, below are the placard images I hope not1fish managed to take with her today:

Friedman for Dimwits a "for public viewing" version of an earlier work

Liberal monkeys

The Cyan Menace

The Tory menace

The Tory menace

It also struck me, as I started to write this post, that this may be a service I can offer the community in general – though I’d like to hear how not1fish got on printing out such large images on her A4 printer to see if there were problems I need to address.

There are logistics issues on where to host such files as by necessity they are PDFs and this means going back through the whole maze of free file sharing sites etc, but for the meantime, if you want larger images, drop me a comment and make sure to include your email so I can send you the files.



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148 Comments on “Placards, get yer placards”

  1. LAC says:

    I’m sorry but I have to reply to what Urno just said – I am allowed…….is it against the rules…..

  2. LAC says:

    ‘Til tommorow Bob – maybe one day that base in the Himalayas will become a reality after all if the thought police have their way……we’ll have to start up an underground press from there and get Digby to transmit it over the cyberwaves. Hope Urno doesn’t follow us there.

    • roachclip says:

      Hi Digby, I’ve changed my avatar, it should be useable soon. It has occurred to me that they may not let us all use the same avatar, how about using a selection of different colours.

      And Bob, It was supposed to be a quote, but my inadequacy at links and stuff won the day.

  3. lightacarrot says:

    I’ve just uploaded the avatar on my profile but didn’t realise there were different colours – if they disapprove it I’ll try again with a different colour?

    • There weren’t until I read Roachclip’s suggestion of making them in different colours, thank you btw 🙂 It made sense that we follow the apolitical spirit of the originals.

      An well played Urnoatheist – you can lead a horse to water and sometimes they drink, I was wondering how to shoehorn a link in there and lo help from an unlikely source

  4. lightacarrot says:

    Looks like they’re not putting it through Digby – will try one of the other colours……….

  5. Nemossister says:

    My comments aren’t being put through, and honestly, they really aren’t that provocative….a bit more George Orwell and a quote from the Guardian’s Nick Davis calling the current regurgitation of political press releases ‘churnalism’ ….. they hate me, think I’ll go eat worms…..

    • havantaclu says:

      Don’t eat worms – especially nematodes. We can’t afford to lose you.

      Keep with it .. we must – and will – be the ones who write the history books!

  6. lightacarrot says:

    Keep trying Nemo – some of mine make it some don’t…..

    To all – They’ve put through some just now but they insert them right back at the time I posted – some of them half an hour ago or so – so you may miss them – if you go back up the thread page you should see them.

    They seem to have rejected my request for the new avatar 😦

  7. lightacarrot says:

    It’s there!!!!!

    I’ve got the new avatar! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Nemossister says:

    yep, my post turned up too, about 50 minutes after I wrote it…..thanks havantaclu, LAC, Digby, I’ve put the worms back in the soil….with a little shove, saying ‘go now, you’re free, you’re free’…..wish the mods would do that for us x

  9. Nemossister says:

    think I’m gonna have to go dig up those worms again…’s so frustrating!

  10. lightacandle says:

    Have moved on to the next page – bottom left hand corner for link – Our Peterloo