Our Peterloo

This has been a while in the brewer so bear with me while I lay this out.

We are living in times of bizarre through-the-looking-glass twists, where everything means its opposite. Where right is left and left is right, up is down, good is bad.

Where huge financial behemoths are allowed to grab countries and turn them upside down and shake them till their pennies drop.

The political language of left and right has no meaning any more as all of our parties are simply a distraction, while backroom brokers carve up our world and lives, about which we have no say.

Which brings me to The Guardian. It has a long history – set up in the aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre – a pro democracy, anti poverty rally that the establishment decided to silence with sabre wielding cavalry charges.

And here we are almost 200 years later facing encroachment of our democratic rights and facing indentured slavery while those that should be doing their utmost to protect our freedoms are standing idly by, and while the police are used to shield those that want our freedoms.

So here’s the thing – why is it the most incisive commentaries come not from the Guardian journalists and contributors but from those commenting on the omissions from the articles they write? Why is it politicians are given a soft ride at a time when we should be using any pressure we can to force them to face the issues for us, in a way that will benefit us, and not the self-interest groups that “donate” to them?

At what point does an article stop being an article and start being a commercial presentation?

At what point does a journalist stop being a journalist and simply become an astroturfer for his or her backer?

How many of the contrarians posting inflammatory comments are on the Guardian payroll?

Unfortunately the moderation policy doesn’t allow these issues to be discussed openly in CiF – the punishments varying from deletions through to total bans.

Is this the same Guardian? Perhaps it has just forgotten how far it has fallen.
Feel free to copy one of the graphics above and use it as your CiF avatar – it will cost you nothing, yet it is doing something – it is reminding the journalists to do their job.

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– got to your CiF profile click Edit Avatar (under your existing one)
– click on the browse button and in the area marked “Upload an avatar”
and navigate to the file you downloaded, select it and click “upload”

and that’s it – it won’t show up immediately but just be patient.
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220 Comments on “Our Peterloo”

  1. TROOCOST says:

    off topic


    Was listening to ‘Running From Home’,just y/day.Great loss,as a musician myself,he was a top notch player,a true master craftsman,as was Hendrix.

  2. lightacarrot says:

    Welcome socially Mikey – feel free to use the Peterloo avatar and join the campaign – the info etc is at the top of the page – we’re trying to get more and more people to use the avatars so pass on the info if you wish – it’s to get The Guardian to think about its move to the right and also to re-examine its moderation policy – many more good posters are being banned and we need to question that too.

    There may be delays for new guests waiting for approval to sign in but should be OK after that.

    Good to have you on board and to have you here too.

    • sociallyMikey says:

      I wish I could. I’m banned and have been for over a month now. Before that I was banned from about the end of May up till the end of June.

      The first time they said I was too abusive to the trolls and fascists, but no reason given for this current extended exile.

      Nevermind. I think ourside is winning. I always look on the bright side even though I’m frustrated and angry about being censored all the time.

  3. lightacarrot says:

    We need to get Moneo and The Passion to get there avatars too and Ludiel Cmnimo and all the others – and anyone else you want to direct over do so but tread carefully people we don’t want to make you know who to read the comments etc so direct them to the main content page of Digb’s blog which shows the Peterloo symbols at the top but not the comment below.

    Good luck.

  4. lightacandle says:

    Hi people

    Digby’s isn’t going to be as readily available the next few days or so but will be popping in now and then when he can – but we can continue to use the blog – so feel free to meet up here to chat/carry on with the campaign etc – he said to keep the links going but be careful – plus if you’re new you might have to wait a while till your post is cleared but it will get through in the end – providing you’re not a you know who………

    I suggest moving out and hitting other threads more tomorrow – and if you can still use the quotes elsewhere as they haven’t seen them yet and I think it works quite well – just repeat the quotes you used on the first day which will still be there in your old comments or new ones as well or whatever you wish – if you don’t want to you don’t have to………think I’ll shut up now. I talk too much don’t I……..anyway must try to get The Passion, Lundiel, Cmnimo, Hugahoody and all the others who frequent the thread to have an avatar if they wish and then it will really get us noticed throughout the site and get the message across – hopefully.

    Off to hit some threads…….

  5. mervyn hyde says:

    Thanks for the avatar of Friedman for dummies there were so many to choose from that I was spoilt for choice.

  6. LAC says:

    Bob, Roachclip

    Are you out there?

    Liking the quotes.

    • roachclip says:


      Are you ok? Nothing from you on the cartoon thread since you were moderated at 7 something this morning.

  7. LAC says:


    Good to hear you – was wondering where everyone was – yes I’m fine and have been posting on the thread and have put a link in my last comment there just now 10.39am to a comment I’ve made on the editorial page too.

    Good to bring back the quotes too as I think people like them and others are doing it too – repeat the ones from the other day if need be that’s what I’m doing – Digby’s coming and going the next so many days so he’s asked me to keep an eye on his blog – but everyone can still come here and chat – surpised Bob hasn’t dropped in.

    I’ll try and get a load of quotes put on a page if I get the time for peope to dip into.

    Seems to be going well don’t you think – Socialist Mike dropped in above – Hi Mike – apparantly he’s been banned too – not good is it.

    Let’s hope we get some reaction soon so we start questioning the moderation policy, move to the right etc in a more open manner. But until then onwards and upwards my friend…….did you see Stirfish made an appearance last night – we’ll have to get him and others on board and over here too – just like the old days hey all those many years ago…………..

  8. LAC says:

    @Socially Mikey

    Sorry to hear about your banning – not right is it – feel free to drop in as and when and if you make a reappearance on CiF the avatars are all yours. It’s quiet here at the moment but more may drop in later…..hope you’re well anyway……

    • sociallyMikey says:

      Hi LAC,

      Watched your treatment from a point of view of gagged disbelief. I sort of half expected to be banned from the start, knowing I hold relatively extreme political opinions, but was gobsmacked that people like you are being censored. And I couldn’t say anything about it, of course.

      Anyway, you’ve gone and blown my cover now. It took me hours to think it up too.

  9. Boob says:

    @LAC The Rocket Propelled Carrot

    You called?


    You have missed. Reincarnate and join in.

    • sociallyMikey says:

      I am in high dudgeon still. If I was allowed to comment at the moment, I would probably go down in a blaze of glory in a blast at the moderators.

      Anyway there are plenty of good guys too, yourself and comrades here present to the fore.

  10. Boob says:


    You have been missed, clearly.

  11. Boob says:

    “Its good to talk?” I don’t get it. I thought that was a cue for a subversive round table.
    We’re doing well, but can I just edge in a bit of an idea here?
    At what point do we recognise we’ve achieved our aim?
    What we need is a manifesto. Next a revolutionary song, and so on.
    (Off to the shops to buy a bag for packing: life changes, I may be a little scarce. I’ll be moving to a different wilderness)

  12. LAC says:

    Bob bob bob

    I’ve been feeling lonely here – Digby’s off away for a bit and has left me in charge – yikes! – I daren’t press a button for fear I blow something up and wipe away the whole blog……I’m not the most technologically aware person – just show me the on/off switch and which lever to pull and that’s about it.

    Anyway good to hear you – Roachclip popped in earlier and Mikey has been here – I didn’t really blow your cover did I? – you must come back – Digby can help along those lines.

    We’ll carry on until they do what we asked them to do a while back – have an online open debate on it – the continued support of Clegg and the moderation policy etc. I posted a letter to the editor type thing on the In Praise of….thread – so will keep doing our posts with quotes for recognition and requests for debate.

    You’ve made me very sad now 😦 – as you say you’re putting on your walking shoes and heading off into the wildnerness like a tribesman of old and when will I see you again. Will the leaves fall, the snows come and go and the spring flowers bloom before then. I hope not…..parting is such sweet sorrow and all that….anyway it’s not allowed – it’s part of the unwritten contsitution (oops) don’t you know – wherever you wander, wherever you roam. you’ll always remember, to keep in touch with the troops at home.

    So there – pack a solar batter powered lap top with you and no talk of not being available now and then – I will send Roachclip out there to bring you home – Irene too

    See you on the threads but come back and talk too – quotes are working well – I think we should continue with them – many people seem to like them and it all adds to the message

    Bye for now

  13. LAC says:

    Socially Mike

    Yes I couldn’t see through that cover at all! Feel free to offer any ideas or anything that’ll help – at least we’re getting some recognition and as we start to move out to other threads people will start to make the connections hopefully and back us up or start to speak up themselves. Digby’s real good at keeping us within the guidlelines my only fear is some will go a bit haywire and get pre modded or even banned so we have to keep things calm too but get the message across too – difficult – moreso when trolls arrive guns ablazing……as you well know.

    Keep dropping in and please as Boob the dude says reincarnate and join in your country needs you (oops patriitosm – bad)) rather your friends in need and deed need you if you see what I mean………your avatat awaits…..

  14. LAC says:

    No worries Mikey – I’ve been in pre mod three times now so I reckon one more time and that might be it so I have to stay calm too – which as you know can be difficult – Julian Glover is the worst – he got me into my second one. Digby has good info – speak to him when he’s around. We’re trying to get a debate opening on moderation too so hopefully progress can be made – as long as we don’t get moderated trying to bring about that of course – catch 22 I guess!

  15. Kertwang says:

    Hi there friends.

    This Peterloo idea is a good one. How long before the Guardian acts against it? Can`t believe SocialistMike has been banned, whilst some of the most hideous and poisonous trolls continue to post.

    Mike – How did it come about and are you allowed to come back, ever?

    • sociallyMikey says:

      It’s a combination of things, I think. I refuse to not call racism what it is, so I get a lot of heat on the ‘personal abuse’ reporting from fascists (who have also read the rules and know this is how to get someone into pre-mod). The other thing is that I criticise the moderation policy and CS which seem to directly contradict each other, with openly racist comments which breach the CS standing, but any description of those posts as racist being deleted!

      It’s criticising the moderators which is stamped down on mostly, I think.

    • sociallyMikey says:

      To add to the other comment, I think I am also being excluded now because I constantly report trolls and racists.

      I don’t think the moderators like me doing that, because I criticise them in those reports for allowing the trolls such an easy ride when decent people are excluded (like LAC and La Ritournelle, not me!).

      If I carry on doing that I expect to remain banned, though there is nothing in the CS about judging whether someone can comment because they are reporting abuses or not. The crucial thing seems to be ‘don’t criticise the censors, or you will be censored’.

      • sociallyMikey says:

        Also, to add again, none of the posts I complain about are ever deleted, no matter how badly they breach the CS.

  16. Dee Walker says:

    I’m coming in from Troocost/Arthur the Cat’s site.

    I posted on Whaddya my reponse to the badges – and LaC responded, I hope misunderstanding where I was coming from. My ‘oppositional’ post got a lot of recommends (observation not triumphalism). My response got none.

    I’ve posted my own observations on this on the first site.

    We are identifying something important here. If you don’t get it, asked on the other site and I’ll explain.

  17. TROOCOST says:


    There was a poster tokyo and some number who seemed intent on ruffling feathers,account open 3rd Oct.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi y’all, hi Trooc,

      yes, noticed that one (again) just now: new thread (J.Tonge/family planning); 4 comments, tokyo06 first, after one page refresh suddenly 13 recommendations – the other 4… none. Spookey.. now, ca. 1/2 hr later: T:21 recommendations, one comment modded, the other two 0 and 2… Halloween at your door.

      love & light, greeneyes

      • TROOCOST says:


        130 now,proper little adolphus breeding ground that thread,found our freind spouting it all over the place,even football,but this person is english.Found others with the ’06 suffix,similarly tainted.

        Small minded nobodies,onwards and remember we are living in the 14th century so no more comments about whatever two men might do,if they were too meet,you know,by chance! 40 times


  18. lightacandle says:

    Oh yes troocost I see who you mean now – I am useless at knowing who is taking the mick etc – Digby usually tells me – as with the case of Sublim – Yes I am useless at that. I didn’t see your comment to me over on Cif until now so have just responded – sorry about that – it’s all those avatars they’re making my eyes go funny!

    We love Max!

  19. lightacandle says:

    Hi Dee

    Sorry for any misunderstanding or whatever – I appreciated the song – you’re a good poster and your cat brings a smile too!

    I don’t know the other site you mention – I’m not very technically gifted so tend not to travel around much but if you see Arthur the cat away from CiF tell him/her not to provide that link to the cartoon page again as it was the page that contained the comments below – and if you know who reads all them then we’re well and truly rumbled 😦 I link to the page that is the sort of content page so it has the next page underneath the Peterloo one and not all these comments. Hopefully the mods wouldn’t have noticed – touch wood.

    Feel free to pop in here when you wish – Digby’s in and out at the moment but will be back for good in a week – its not really a chat site more Ditbys blog site but we use it as such when the need arises.

    Good to speak to you anyway – say hello to Arthur too.

  20. Dee Walker says:

    Hello Carrot πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the invite – with my history, I never assume I’m welcome until I’ve outed myself – as I’ve done that on the Graun, at least everyone knows that they’re getting!

    And thank, Troocost – I wouldn’t have known the invite was here without you tipping off ATC πŸ™‚

    Because I’m holding the polarity with you all – I won’t join. Simply know that the polarity is being held by the ‘right stuff’ and we’ll see, together, what the rest get up to.

    Here’s hoping my cynic is wrong – and if she’s right, you’ll be willing to listen to my mystic πŸ™‚

    With love


  21. TROOCOST says:


    Sorry for crypticness,but you had warned previously to be careful so,as i wasn’t sure,which place you were referring to.

    Max Keiser would be better than poodle Paxman,on newsnight

  22. jamietwc1 says:

    Hey Guys – I followed LaC’s Cluedo board and I found you.

    All very interesting.

    But how sad that secret campaigns have to be run to challenge the editorial position of the Gruan.


  23. LAC says:

    Hi Jamie

    Welcome aboard and welcome to Digby’s little haven from the storm. Feel free to pop in as and when – sometimes other people do although Digby’s not fully here at the moment you can chat more with him when he is. And again feel free to use the avatar and join the campaign – we’re just trying to get The Guardian to answer our concerns and hopefully agree to an online debat – when that’s agreed we will probably end it but until then we need to get as many on board as possible so they will notice.

    Speak to you again……….onwards and upwards and all that πŸ™‚

  24. LAC says:

    Bob – Are you out there – or have you started out on that next adventure up that awaiting jungle mountain path. Don’t forget your solar powered laptop………

    Or is it not for a few days………

    Campaign is moving up a gear…..I think……or should I say hope…….they might be starting to wake up to the fact that something is afoot……yikes!

  25. LAC says:

    Hey Kertwang – I’m digging your pschedelic frelic melic funky avatar you cool dude you – but you know that already don’t you – Mike might call in and answer you – and you never know you might bump into him if he returns. Kepp strumming baby – and see you around……..

  26. havantaclu says:

    Hi LaC!

    Have noticed a couple of people who have changed their avatars recently – 55DegreesNorth and zapthe crap – not to our Rainbow, but still with reference to Peterloo.

    Perhaps anyone who feels shy of joining full-frontal could follow those two?

  27. Nemossister says:

    Ok, so I notice a load of comments from the Cartoon thread got disappeared….I can’t understand why? They were connected to a commenter called Lurcio…..LAC, your comment of 1.59AM is the only one which has remained to prove there ever was such a person…..I don’t remember him/her saying anything particularly offensive……do you?

  28. lightacarrot says:


    That’s Moneo – they always go after him and because he has such a one off and wonderful highly recognizable style in his comments they can spot him – that is why I copied his comment because as you know most of them are treasures and it’s such a loss that they get rid of them. The only reason he gets modded or banned is because he tells it as it is in his own way and often get riled by the trolls and he ends up getting banned defending the truth whereas they stay on – yet another unfairness with the moderation policy. They get rid of anyone who makes it worthwhile visiting CiF – if they carry on they’ll just end up with a load of bitter hate infested tories – that is why part of the protest needs to call for a debate on the overall moderation policy and we should all have a chance to say what bothers us. I’ll be saying such a thing to the editors directly and indirectly as they must now notice the growth in avatars and that people are not happy.

    The fight goes on……

  29. lightacarrot says:


    Yes and we have Beautiful Burnout and BTTP and various others on board – all great commenters – am going to spread the link far and wide this afternoon – so visit as many threads as you can with your comments too and hopefully we’ll get our presence felt even more.

    Speak to you later.

  30. havantaclu says:

    Interesting, don’t you think, that the Alan Rusbridger article doesn’t have a comment thread?

    He’s probably afraid that it would be wall-to-wall Rainbow Coalition – and perhaps he might feel forced to answer us!


  31. LAC says:


    This has been placed on the You Tell Us thread to be forwarded to the Editorial Department outlining our requests…….


  32. LAC says:

    And this has been placed on the Afghanistan Editorial thread too for the attention of the editorial staff……


  33. sociallyMikey says:

    Amazing political conversion by ‘left-wing’ Julian the Censor…


    How on earth will they replace him? Louise Mensch? Nadine Dorries?

  34. Hindle-a says:

    I have uploaded the “Peterloo Massacre” avatar to my Guardian profile-thankyou.The event has a particular resonance with me as it was, along with the Chartist movement,an important influence as to the political stance I chose.

  35. Kertwang says:

    I see news has reached us about Glover`s new job as Cameron`s speech writer !

    Unbelievable. A complete Troll-Above-The-Line ! I will be enjoying my pint tonight with extra relish. Good riddance to the nasty, dishonest little creep. How did he ever end up at the Graun in the first place? I doubt the Peterloo campaign will garner any credit for this but it might just have helped. Is it likely that he might just have affected sales?

    His writings were usually completely vacuous and platitudinous rubbish, so he`ll be well suited to the role.

    Sorry, I enjoyed that little rant.

  36. letsskiptotheleft says:

    Hiya, just popped onto these boards to show my appreciation of what is happening here, there is something insidious going on at CIF, i was wondering what had happened to SocialistMike, now i know.

    As regards to Glover, if Cameron’s speeches are as bad as Glover’s articles he is well and truly knackered.. Pair of empty vessels well met.

  37. havantaclu says:

    letsskiptotheleft – excellent comment re Glover

    We all knew he wasn’t a natural Guardian writer – but he’s really come out in his true colour now.

    Good riddance!

  38. LAC says:

    Hi Socially Mikey, Kertwang and Lets Skip -yes couldn’t believe our luck – ding dong the witch is dead – and what a surprise – Cameron’s speech writer well who’d have thought – us!!!!

    That is the best news I’ve heard in ages as he really rubbed me up the wrong way and my second pre-mod was down to losing it with one of his articles – I’m not just happy for us, I’m happy for the Guardian and most of all I’m happy for all those who are being spat on by this government who he purposely ignored to fulfil his Liberal Democrat but now we see tory loving role. A Guardian journalist going to be a tory speech writer too – he proved us right all along didn’t he – just so much damage though that he caused in the meantime – ripped the paper apart – many readers left I’m sure because of his articles.

    Anyway he’s gone – thank God – in these hard times I usually save my couple of glasses of wine for a Saturday night but tonight will raise one to his departure – at last. Just have to see who the replacement will be – Nick Robinson – ha!

    And welcome Let’s Skip – you can chat with Mikey now who you see above you when he’s here that is – and catch up – we’re trying to get an open debate going about moderation – so there might be some hope still. Wonder if he wrote Cameron’s disatrous conference speech – bet he did – and I wonder how long he’s known about it and if that intefered with his coverage – bet it did. What a relief though.

    Hi Hindle A

    Glad it has extra meaning for you – but it is ironic isn’t it how The Guardian was formed because of it and yet now we watch it turn its back on those they once stood up for. Again we’re calling for an open debate so they can explain just why they are still backing the Lib Dems and therefore the coalition and why they aren’t speaking out for those being unfairly targeted – past editors must be turning in their graves – moreso over the likes of Mr Glover – Camerons speech writer – a Guardian journalist ? How times have changed hey. Glad you’re on board the more we have the sooner they might agree to our requests. Will have to try and spread the word more and make the avatars readily available.

    Well we can all sleep a little easier tonight knowing St Julian will no longer be with us. So happy.

  39. TROOCOST says:


    wtf happened?like a mod bomb went off.was it to do with glover?

  40. LAC says:


    Sorry to be so late in replying – it must have been the refs to St Julian but there weren’t any bad ones so I’m not sure. I though I was rather restrained as I knew I could so easily say the wrong thing – was going to post Celebration by Kool and the Gang but realised just in time the cartoon was about the death of Mr Jobs so stopped myself.

    Great news about Julian though eh? Has made my week. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • TROOCOST says:

      I put one up but put mr glover,it’s still there.Shame as hardly any had gone down until……

      Parting shot maybe? Remove all trace of St Julian refs,rather childish tho’,surely not!


  41. jamietwc1 says:

    @LAC ‘et al’

    Hey guys – I’ve done the avatar thing no problem – I even fiddled with the colour and gave myself a nice blood-Labour red! Not sure what you guys mean about the ‘quotes’ though. I’m happy to support in whatever why I can get the editorial-bias point across but I’m not sure if running headlong into the Mod’s headlights will do that.

    I do challenge as a matter of course the editorial policy quite often – especially when the Trolls are flaming and I detect that there are several of the senior journos who side with my view on the terrible editorial policy and political stance of the ‘paper. Toynbee almost said as much the other week – however she seemed to be more concerned that the left doesn’t split and we should concentrate on the real enemy. However, I don’t detect as much enthusiasm for her vews on the Gruan as I once did.

    Nonetheless, I’ve only been mod’d a few times and banned never – I don’t insult other users; but I am pretty vehement when it comes to the Tories and that has never got me into trouble even when I’ve used bad language. Unlike the Indy where if you so much as mouth a four letter work they delete your comments and wo betide you if you criticise their editorial policy!

    So, my position is moot! I’m not sure what you’d want of me other than what I’m already doing – Graun’s journo’s know my views and I’ve never been backward in putting them forward. Is there anything else that I can do to further this cause that doesnt result in banning? – because then there’s no way in which I can say anything.


  42. LAC says:

    Hi Jamie

    Good to see you and speak with you!

    Don’t worry you don’t have to say anthing just wear the logo. The Editorial staff are now aware of the campaign and are allowing it to ahead as I am not being moderated which is good news. I believe if they see enough people support it then they will give us the chance of an online debate with them so we can place our concerns and discuss the editorial stance, coverage of the governments policies and moderation policy too which is what it is all about.

    Hopefully it will be a short lived campaign – if enough people join soon then they will listen – and I am going to try and recruit as many people over the next few days. Keep dropping in for chats – other commenterss do so now and then. Digby will be back in a week or so.

    Thanks again.

  43. LAC says:

    To all……

    I am placing the bottom paragraph with link on as many threads as possible to swell our numbers so The Guardian will give us the debate we are asking for. I have asked the moderators not to delete it as the editorial staff are aware of the campaign.

    If for some reason someone does delete it or stops me from posting please put it out on as many threads as you can…….although not more than once if possible – otherwise they might get angry!

    Just copy it and paste it – the link should alway link to the Peterloo page on the main content page – not the page that has the comments below it as that wouldn’t be good for all the obvious reasons. The link as written below is the correct one……I will let you know here if I am pre moderated…..but at the moment all is well and I will do it myself. Let’s hope more join and feel free to drop in here when you wish……

    ‘The Peterloo Campaign is a sanctioned campaign calling on The Guardian to have an online debate with its readers over its editorial stance and related matters – the more commenters who join it the more the editorial staff will listen -please wear our logo and support us for a week or so to bring this about. You can do so here……


    Moderators – please do no delete this post the editorial staff are aware of the campaign.’

    • jamietwc1 says:

      Hi LaC

      Ok – the avatar is live – and I’ve posted a comment along with your last paragraph and link. I shall paste the paragraph and link whenever and wherever I post on the Gruan until I’m told here not to.

      Btw – would you ask Digby if he has a Facebook Page and/or Twitter Link? If not then my Partner has offered to do one for the campaign. I think that it might help to “up the anti” but I’ll be guided by yourselves.


  44. havantaclu says:

    I’ve just been down to Havant on the bus, and returned the same way.

    It was most interesting. The people on the bus were mostly elderly, lower middle to upper working class, you would have said typical Tory voters (considering the area from which they all come).

    They were all really irate about what is happening to this country under the present Government. The bus driver (the last socialist mayor of Havant by the way) passed several comments, but the ones that would interest us were his references to the Peterloo Massacre coalition at the Guardian CiF – very approving commenst, as we might expect. Then several other people said that they too had read our comments and thought we had the ‘right end of the stick’; I joined in, of course, to encourage them. Then, as I was getting off, the bus driver said very quietly, ‘You’re havantaclu, aren’t you?’

    Am I to be pleased, or worried? Help!

  45. LAC says:

    Havantaclu – Is that true?


    That’s great – but if you notice them deleting them stop otherwise they will put you on pre-mod and then you won’t be able to anything – so keep an eye on those you posted and stop if you notice they’re on to you.

    Great idea about the twitter feed — Digby’s away at the moment which is why I’m in charge here – not such a good idea seeing as I’m useless with technology but I seem to be pressing the right buttons. I will e.mail him though – he might look in at his e.mails and will let you know.

    I’m going to try to do some more links – get some more info out there now but they’re watching me.

    Speak to you again or see you on the threads!

  46. Kertwang says:

    I`m having all my comments about Julian Glover deleted from the cartoon thread, even though Martin Rowson has actually depicted him in the cartoon. I haven`t been rude, merely expressed my pleasure at his departure and politely enquired as to the wisdom of his appointment in the first place. In previous email exchanges with moderators, my accusations of censorship have always been denied but I`m finding it hard to believe them now.

    Perhaps I should just give up on CiF and the Guardian.

    • Nemossister says:

      Don’t do that Kertwang, I know how it feels, watching posts just disappear as if they never were, being in pre-mod and never knowing whether your post was even going to make it up in the first place (some did – some didn’t) – but your comments are worthwhile and important, and funny and astute. Stick with it, please for all our sakes. This thing may go on longer than we first thought, particularly if you read havantaclu jamie and LAC’s comments above….it would be a shame not to have your valuable contributions to help the build in momentum.

  47. LAC says:


    We had some deleted on yesterdays thread too – I reckon its probably one of his friends in the mod dept mourning his passing – I bet he/she” be after us for a long while. Have had some posts deleted this morning elsewhere too – have to be careful I reckon – maybe the weekend team are a pissed off bunch because they have to work weekends and gain immense pleasure taking it out on us – even moreso now.

    Am going to try and post some links on some other threads – fingers crossed.

    Might call into the U later tonight. Saturday night = wine night. Times are hard so have to confine such delights to one night only. Will raise a glass to Julian………’s departure! Still can’t believe it – my second pre-mod was all down to an article he wrote – and I was right all along – can’t believe that Mr Rusbridger still made him a leader writer knowing he was a ‘sympathetic tory’. No wonder he sent us all crazy.

    See you around strummer.

  48. BobbyDIn63 says:

    Good luck with the Peterloo Campaign although reading some of the posts above about banned posters is like deja vu all over again…Been there, done that 3 years ago! CiF’s moderation policy has always been suspect and right-wing posters have always been given a longer leash. How else to explain waltz’s longevity or HopeSprings1’s continued presence?

    Incidentally, be careful what you say on here, the mods will be keeping an eye on events. And for God’s sake don’t ever suggest that Bella Rusbridger owes her job to anything other than her own innate abilities.

    • sociallyMikey says:

      The worst form of censorship is self-censorship, worried by the real censors reactions to what you think.

      If they try to ban and censor on CiF we should use anywhere we can to point out that the ‘free speech’ loving Guardian is a harsh censor, in fact.

      It looks like some moderators are abusing their position, perhaps in the misguided befief that allowing fascists, trolls and extremists a free rein, while deleting our posts, is proof of just how lovely and wonderful they are in free speech, Voltairian terms. It’s just a pity that they are such enthusiastic censors to non-fascists. They seem to have forgotten our right of free speech in opposing racism and fascism.

  49. havantaclu says:

    LaC – yes it is.

    I’d made a couple of disapproving comments about the right-wing swing of the Guardian and the fact that a leader writer had become Cameron’s speechwriter – plus one about the article yesterday on the UKUncut protest.

    I didn’t answer, by the way – I was just climbing off the bus with my shopping and I am known to have a slight hearing defect, so he probably thought I hadn’t heard him.

  50. LAC says:


    Good to see you and thanks for the help – this is Digbys site but he’s away for a short while and has left me in charge???

    Have a word with him when he gets back he may be able to help you out with one thing and another – yes many good commenters have gone and other questionable ones are allowed to continue on spouting their bile – some of the threads end up being hate fests and many other commenters say they will leave because of that – it’s not right is it – that’s what we hope to bring up if they agree to an open debate on that and the editorial policy – many are unhappy and it would be good for them to sort it all out too. Do you think we are being a bit over optimistic – if more people wore the avatars the would have to take notice wouldn’t they? Otherwise they’re just going to end up a Dail Mail clone full of bitter twisted tory diehards with no constructive debate. Maybe they don’t care as long as they get the advertising revenue or whatever – some threads I stay away from knowing that they are just going to full of crap. Not good.

    Listen to Nemosister Kertwang – look you’re even letter Jules get to you after he’s gone – he has gone hasn’t he? Just imagine if he changed his mind……… Like I said he’s probably got a few friends in the mods – tories infiltrators too no doubt – just stick it out and soon he will be a distant memory.

    • BobbyDIn63 says:

      @LaC – “…if more people wore the avatar they would have to take notice wouldn’t they?”

      It’s certainly eye-catching, prompted me to pop in here to see what’s going on.

      All the best.