Our Peterloo

This has been a while in the brewer so bear with me while I lay this out.

We are living in times of bizarre through-the-looking-glass twists, where everything means its opposite. Where right is left and left is right, up is down, good is bad.

Where huge financial behemoths are allowed to grab countries and turn them upside down and shake them till their pennies drop.

The political language of left and right has no meaning any more as all of our parties are simply a distraction, while backroom brokers carve up our world and lives, about which we have no say.

Which brings me to The Guardian. It has a long history – set up in the aftermath of the Peterloo Massacre – a pro democracy, anti poverty rally that the establishment decided to silence with sabre wielding cavalry charges.

And here we are almost 200 years later facing encroachment of our democratic rights and facing indentured slavery while those that should be doing their utmost to protect our freedoms are standing idly by, and while the police are used to shield those that want our freedoms.

So here’s the thing – why is it the most incisive commentaries come not from the Guardian journalists and contributors but from those commenting on the omissions from the articles they write? Why is it politicians are given a soft ride at a time when we should be using any pressure we can to force them to face the issues for us, in a way that will benefit us, and not the self-interest groups that “donate” to them?

At what point does an article stop being an article and start being a commercial presentation?

At what point does a journalist stop being a journalist and simply become an astroturfer for his or her backer?

How many of the contrarians posting inflammatory comments are on the Guardian payroll?

Unfortunately the moderation policy doesn’t allow these issues to be discussed openly in CiF – the punishments varying from deletions through to total bans.

Is this the same Guardian? Perhaps it has just forgotten how far it has fallen.
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  1. lightacarrot says:


    Are you out there? I have been put on pre-mod so can’t carry on our usual morning exchange of greetings on the thread : (

    Missing you already……..send Irene my love and try to get her to remove the latest fading flower from behind her ear – it’s starting to not only droop but turn an unpleasant shade of brown and is not such a good look on one searching for a new paramour – if Lawrence was still around he’d have a hissy fit – you know what he used to be like about appearances – poor Lawrence – they got him too didn’t they….At least the probiscus’s won’t miss him – or maybe they will……

  2. havantaclu says:

    Digby – password please!


  3. baddog says:

    May I have a password too, please?

    btw – As I am pre-modded I created a new alternative account at CIF (I just used a different email account) and it worked right away – no waiting.
    Must be the moderators have put so many commentators into pre-mod they are now too busy vetting all the pre-mod posts to be able to vet new accounts any more.

    So if you need to post links, just create some alt accounts

  4. lightacarrot says:

    Hi Bad dog I’m sure Digby will get to you soon – May try the alternate account thing – I’m in pre-mod and they’re not putting my latest posts through so I’m not playing ball with them for them to play games with me – so will fight on other ways. Are you going to change your avatar to a Peterloo one – the more there are the more we’ll get noticed. Good to see you back.

    • baddog says:

      Hi lac – I’ll change the avatar pic today – I want to try customising the Peterloo one a little bit first – a few bullet holes and some blood perhaps.

  5. havantaclu says:

    baddog – what you need to do is to go to the article above with one comment, and you’ll find the instructions there.


  6. lightacarrot says:

    Sounds good to me Bad Dog – some of the customized ones are really eyecatching and funny too.

    Hi havantaclu. Won’t be posting anymore as I’m im pre mod and they aren’t letting my comments through but will chat here and round and about and will still fight the fight, even moreso, but in in other ways.

  7. havantaclu says:

    LightaCarrot –

    Could you please ask Digby to let me have a password – I’m feeling out-of-touch here!

    Especially as the Guardian is running a ‘talk-to’ with David Willets – why are they chatting to all the Tories and letting them write articles as and when – I know there was one from David Milliband, but it did appear rather like a sop to Cerberus!

  8. lightacarrot says:


    Speak to me.

  9. Wildey says:


    Saw your request for Peterloo avatars on Whaddya. You’ll have to wait until November for me to be able to upload mine for you (I’ve used up my dongle entitlement for October already) but you’re welcome 🙂

  10. jozilove says:

    Hello everyone – it looks like the cif mods are rejecting my new peterloo avatar every time.. anyone else experienced this? *grumpy*

  11. Kertwang says:

    Hey there everyone

    My password no longer working on this site.

    I`ve been out celebrating the dowbfall of the neo-con Fox.

    Hope all are OK

  12. lightacarrot says:

    Hi Kertwang

    Digby will send you a new one – the other page got too full so he’s set up this new one for everyone to use.

    Hope you had a good night out – good news hey.

  13. havantaclu says:

    Hey – has anyone got the same problem as me?

    The Guardian’s CiF threads are all minus comment threads at the moment. I haven’t signed in to comment – it’s just like that on the main CiF page.

    Are they doing a cleanout – or is there something else afoot?

    • baddog says:

      Same here, but I think it’s just their servers going wrong. Keep refreshing the page (Ctrl and R) and you can get the comments after a bit.
      I don’t think Grauniad would attempt dirty tricks at the weekend, it would be too expensive getting people to come in.

      • havantaclu says:

        baddog – yes, the threads are back now.

        Must be getting paranoid in my old age! (or not as the case may be!)

  14. Kertwang says:

    Hi Carrot

    Yes, much mirth and pleasure at the pub !

  15. lightacarrot says:

    And you left me here in DIgby’s dungeons all on my lonesome……..

  16. havantaclu says:

    Have left the following on Craig Murray’s blog:

    ‘Craig – I for one certainly have linked articles in your blog to comments I’ve made in The Guardian.

    And I, for one, thank you most sincerely for the information that you and many of your commenters have provided.

    As a member of the ‘Peterloo Massacre’ group – our main idea has been, recently, to try to spark a debate with The Guardian about its continuing support for the Liberal Democrats – I, and many others, am becoming seriously concerned with the links between The Atlantic Bridge, its financial background, and The Guardian itself.

    There is a very large fungus growing underground, of which only the fruiting bodies are currently visible. Its nature and toxicity are perhaps undecided, but a closer study is certainly needed.’

    Hope this is okay with you folks?

  17. ucic says:

    Hello Digs et al,

    Can I have one too? a password that is – oh and please?