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I’d like to say a big thank you to Light a Carrot for looking after the blog and particularly for this beautifully eloquent post. Having been more out of touch than I had intended I’ve been reading back over what I missed while I was away, and boy was it an exciting read.

I have to say it came as no great surprise that Julian Glover has decided to leave his job as journalist and chief leader writer of the Guardian, and I wish him every success with his new venture as script writer for David Cameron – who is no doubt hoping Julian will help him to pick up those “lost liberals”.

It was however continually surprising that he was working for the Guardian. I say surprising as his career choices certainly would have indicated his heart lay elsewhere politically

Julian Glover is the Guardian’s chief leader writer since 2006. He launched the Guardian Unlimited Politics website ahead of the 2001 general election, before joining the paper’s news desk. He moved to report from Westminster in 2005. He worked with John Major on the former prime minister’s autobiography and at the Economist and on several BBC Radio documentaries.

Of course now that he is gone does this mean we’ll be saddled with worse? Is that actually possible?

The feral beast: Glover digs in heels at Guardian

Sunday, 11 April 2010

News reaches me that Julian Glover, The Guardian’s token right-winger, is resisting writing leaders endorsing Labour in the election.

Don’t get me wrong I have no intentions of bashing Mr Glover. It is just so zeitgeisty, all this pretending to do the opposite of what you actually are doing. And yet.

It’s that feeling isn’t it – of making do as none of the choices you’re being given actually match what you want, and it’s that feeling of needing to do, something, that this gives rise to.

In short there is no other outlet in the established media that doesn’t already mouth the same Tory/Orange liberal Freidmanite agenda – and yet that same media outlet has been slowly flirting with the same New Labour/ Caring Conservative/Orange Liberalism. As an opinion it already has more than enough proponents, and it’s at the root of all the ills we face currently from the services being dismantled to the massive debt each one of us has hanging over us.

This is what’s behind the Peterloo Massacre avatars – a quick visual reminder of what people really want – a loud champion for democracy and our basic human rights to counter the backroom deals and debt slavery.

How to use these

– right click on the image of your choice and save it to your computer
– got to your CiF profile click Edit Avatar (under your existing one)
– click on the browse button and in the area marked “Upload an avatar”
and navigate to the file you downloaded, select it and click “upload”

and that’s it – it won’t show up immediately but just be patient.


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2 Comments on “Peterloo update”

  1. Anyone wishing to become more involved in the direction we’re taking please contact me through the submissions form, making sure to include an email address so I can send you the necessary information.

    Anyone wishing to join in on the general discussion on the Peterloo avatar campaign please feel free to do so here.

  2. sociallyMikey says:

    I get no commission, but I would recommend people buy a copy of the Morning Star, perhaps on a Saturday, and give it a fair hearing, if that is the right word.

    No hint of neo-liberalism there, I can assure you.