Latest CiF graph for 13th October

A warm welcome to bertand chorizo, hughpalmer, hyperzeitgeist, redphantom, ThamesSider, TROOCOST, Heather Mcdougall, TheOakster and RobertSnozers, who, according to the magic sorting hat, all belong in the green area.

I’d also like to apologise to Heather Mcdougall, hughpalmer and TROOCOST for taking so long to add them.

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The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman, GrammarSchoolBoy.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

10percent, 55DegreesNorth, Agreewith, Arbitrarynight, Arseneknows, Cmnimo, The Dalai Lama, darrenlollipopman, Dhuoda, Digby Chicken Ceasar, bertand chorizo, Eccentrix, F4frances, Fulminor, geoing, Giselle, GunboatD, Hacklesup, HindleA, hughpalmer, hyperzeitgeist, Icaruss, Igoras, Ireadnews, Kermaria, Lightacandle, Lopedevega, Lundiel, Manningtreeimp, Martin Rowson, M K Gandhi, Heather Mcdougall, Nemossister, Not1fish, Oheckitshimagain, PeleMcAmble, Roachclip, RobertSnozers, redphantom, Rochdalelass, RogerOThornhill, Showmaster, Steve Mann, Swedinburgh, ShanksaLot, sostherope, ThamesSider, Theamighty, TheOakster, Torquie,  TROOCOST, Urnotanatheist, WatchfulBob, Whizzgiggle, Wmd101 & Zapthecrap.

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One Comment on “Latest CiF graph for 13th October”

  1. TROOCOST says:


    No need to apologise,thank you for putting it up.