Beyond Peterloo

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There’s something else I love about the internet – the fact it levels the playing field and removes the gate keepers. Here’s an anecdote that I was emailed recently

There were about twenty people on the bus including the driver and myself.  I already knew the bus driver as he was once (rather too long ago!) the socialist mayor of Havant.  The bus was on its way to a village which is actually in West Sussex.

It started with one elderly lady complaining about the forthcoming cuts in the bus service and to the modification of the route.

Another lady then chimed in with a complaint about things being done without consultation.  From there I remarked that it wasn’t just in Havant that people’s views weren’t being consulted.

An elderly gentleman then agreed, saying that the cuts in the NHS hadn’t been voted for but were going ahead.  Driver said there were some good articles about that in the Guardian.

Second lady then said ‘oh, yes, and there’s that group – the Rainbow Coalition – trying to find out why the Guardian is still backing the LibDems when they’ve betrayed all their voters so many times already, but the Guardian isn’t replying to them.  I remarked that there were several threads to that particular discussion but that it seemed there was some censuring of comments going on, by the paper, also that the Rainbow Coalition were reminding the Guardian about its origins in Manchester after the Peterloo Massacre.

People seemed to be interested in going on talking, but at that point I had to get off the bus as it had reached my stop.

Every time I read this it just bows me away. That this has reached out and touched people beyond the confines of the Guardian and CiF – real ripples.

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  1. Wildey says:

    Martin Rowson’s cartoon is up here

    Camermoron has that little red haired puppet with him again. I swear down I think that’s Glover, but I daren’t say it on the thread 🙂