The Guardian Comment CatRtoon

The Guardian appears to be having difficulties with its commenting apparatus

click below to compare to see the original - much better - image.

So until normal service can be resumed feel free to comment below. Click here for the – much better – original,

13 Comments on “The Guardian Comment CatRtoon”

  1. love the composition -protesters being kept away from what’s going on in the foreground, dwarfed by the monumental architecture of St Pauls -ah yes what really built London I wonder?

  2. LAC says:

    Notice Mr Rowson is being rather risque there? Naughty Mr Rowson. Another example of why a picture can paint a thousand words and why they can get the true message out without fear – because the mods can’t quite manage to delete a cartoon can they? And I doubt the editorial staff would make Mr Rowson back down. Shame they won’t let their many commenters speak unhindered on such matters too. Wonder if we’re allowed to mention St Julian again or does his spectre still haunts the site along with all that he stood for too?

    Now if Mr Rowson could have put a banner in their saying Join the Peterloo avatar campaign -that would have rounded things off perfectly…….at least it wouldn’t have been deleted as is the case of every other mention….although not quite hey…..

    For any visitors reading this page just pop into the Peterloo Customisers page and see how you can join to give your support for a call for dialogue with the editorial staff regarding the papers continuing support of the Liberal Democrats and other related matters – page title in top right hand corner – just up there ^.

  3. not1fish says:

    Excellent cartoon, Digby; I particularly like the fat cats. It never ceases to amaze me how much detail Martin fits in.

    The few comments that got through last night have disappeared; is this a server or a censorship problem?

    • you really are too kind 😀 –

      I believe something has broken between google and the Guardian – google is supplying the part that makes the comments area I believe – basically the Guardian made some changes to the way commenting works and broke something unexpectedly.

      If you run a server this often happens when you upgrade something that connects to other things, as you only know there’s a problem when everything stops working because the older parts don’t like something about the new version.

  4. not1fish says:

    I sent an email to you asking how you get these links; you’re such a whizz with technology.

    Bit miffed I can’t even recommend never mind post.

  5. not1fish says:

    I tried to recommend and post on Jackie’s column but it won’t let me. Certainly looks like a problem their end. We mustn’t get paranoid. Nice to see a Peterloo avatar on J A’s column from a poster in the US; word is spreading.

  6. lightacarrot says:

    Good news that no1fish will go take a look.

  7. havantaclu says:

    I noticed there was a ‘cross-scripting’ problem yesterday every time I opened up to comment. I think this may be the solution – hope so at least!

  8. not1fish says:

    Now I can’t get any link to the G’s site.

  9. Nemossister says:

    So, I guess the moderating process is just arbitrary now? Really don’t get why one of mine on the cartoon thread got chopped…..guess they just wanted to remind me that they ‘got the power’ and why I’m so staunchly behind the Peterloo Avatar Campaign!