Latest CiF graph for 18th October

A warm welcome to the latest arrivals on the CiF graph

Rory Fbe Davis – cyan area
koichan – green area
jozilove – green area
HoneyBadger90 – green area
Conantheballbaering – green area
Montana Wildhack – green area
sociallyMikey – green area
parrotkeeper – green area
Lairdoflard – green area

ElmerPhudd – green area.

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The different areas by inhabitants:

Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler.

Milton Bloody Friedman, GrammarSchoolBoy, Rory Fbe Davis.

Joseph Stalin, Igoras (just).

10percent, 55DegreesNorth, Agreewith, Arbitrarynight, Arseneknows, Cmnimo, Conantheballbaering, The Dalai Lama, darrenlollipopman, Dhuoda, Digby Chicken Ceasar, bertand chorizo, Eccentrix, ElmerPhudd, F4frances, Fulminor, geoing, Giselle, GunboatD, Hacklesup, HoneyBadger90, HindleA, hughpalmer, hyperzeitgeist, Icaruss, Igoras, Ireadnews, jozilove, Kermaria, koichan, Lairdoflard, Lightacandle, Lopedevega, Lundiel, Manningtreeimp, Martin Rowson, Heather Mcdougall, M K Gandhi, Montana Wildhack,
Nemossister, Not1fish, Oheckitshimagain, parrotkeeper, PeleMcAmble, Roachclip, RobertSnozers, redphantom, Rochdalelass, RogerOThornhill, Showmaster, sociallyMikey, Steve Mann, Swedinburgh, ShanksaLot, sostherope, ThamesSider, Theamighty, TheOakster, Torquie,  TROOCOST, Urnotanatheist, WatchfulBob, Whizzgiggle, Wmd101 & Zapthecrap.

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2 Comments on “Latest CiF graph for 18th October”

  1. sociallyMikey says:

    I realise you are some sort of genius with these sorts of thing, so is there any chance we could have a blown up image for the crowded sections to see who is where?

    I could learn to do it myself if I didn’t spend all my spare time blasting the moderators on Cif. But politics is all about priorities and those b******s need dealing with.