CiF Peterloo Campaign Update

Peterloo Campaign latest Update 24/10/2011

We’d like to say thanks to all who are supporting the campaign and wearing the avatars – they have been noticed by those who needed to notice them and the more that join and continue to wear them the louder the voice we will have. If you’re looking for an avatar you’ll find them on the “c1nf Peterloo” menu under “Peterloo avatars”.

The latest response from Readers Editor/Mr Rusbridger is

” Before we can commit to an online debate of that kind we need to talk to colleagues who are heavily committed already. Either I or my colleague will respond as soon as we can” and in addition to wanting to know more about us “… raise some interesting issues”.

So a work in progress but not a definite no.

In the meantime there’s a new Peterloo campaign page available for anyone interested in getting up to speed or seeing how the campaign is progressing.

We are now moving into a new stage where we will be documenting concerns that we feel need to be bought to the editorial staff’s attention, past and present, and would be grateful for people to add their own concerns and examples of what they want to highlight too on the comment page which will all then be passed on. Ideas and suggestions would be more than welcome also.

The campaign is not that old and we have listened to all criticisms and hopefully are fine tuning those areas which were grey to avoid confusion in the future and to correct misinterpretations of what we are about.

Hopefully this will help….

“The Peterloo Avatar Campaign aims to continue to try and arrange an online debate between editorial staff and commenters about the Guardian’s editorial stance, reporting and moderation policy whilst in the meantime documenting and clearly communicating those ongoing concerns to staff members.”

We are not as some assume trying to make the Guardian more ‘left,’ whatever that means these days, or dictate what it should do or think we are simply asking for the opportunity to voice many readers concerns on various issues, directly to the editorial staff, whilst enabling everyone who wishes to put their views forward and have their say too.

Hope that explains things and provides an adequate update.


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6 Comments on “CiF Peterloo Campaign Update”

  1. lightacarrot says:

    Hi Haventaclu/Bad Dog

    I think what is happening is that the media – due to the protesters raising awareness – are now having to give coverage to the questions that should be asked so the protesters have forced their hands so to speak – at long last – but they haven’t quite yet put those questions to Cameron or questioned his stance – so they might just be playing a game – Rusbridger seems to have good access to the Bishops – but they need to be putting more questions to the government they are being let off too lightly in all this and some of the BBC’s coverage is very questionable too. Supposed to be getting some sort of answer from Management this week – will send e.mail at end of day to push them along. Keep up the good work – have noticed some new avatars too so that’s good……try to make Digby’s next meeting too Haventaclu – they’re funny and Bad Dog is always misbehaving – he ends up being sent to the naughty step and sulks there for the rest of the time – don’t you Bad Dog – a very bad influence on Nemo and I – the two little angels 🙂

    • havantaclu says:

      Should be able to join in this weekend, LaC – bwana mkubwa’s okay with it and starting to get what we’re up to. You’ll have to excuse him from joining with comments etc – he
      ‘s very dyslexic (would have been statemented if he were at school now, but because no-one knew about the condition when we were young, was put in the lowest classes and therefore got a very poor education – therefore feels ignorant – but actual IQ is 163 so is not thick! He now has a degree in Maths/Stats and I’m very proud of him).

    • baddog says:


      I take offence at your unkind remarks.

      My comments only get removed when moderators misunderstand me.

      I NEVER misbehave!

      • LAC says:

        I was talking about Digby’s meeting – you were a very very naughty boy and kept on interrupting and calling Nemo names whilst mixing up my colours and sticking your tongue out at Digby whilst he wasn’t looking – I know because I was there and saw everything.

        Good Haventaclu – you’ll really enjoy it – just watch out for Bad Dog he more than lives up to his name.

  2. lightacarrot says:

    Oops – above is on wrong page.

    Freeman Moxy – if you get the chance come and land here and talk a while why don’t you?

    And anyone else landing on this page feel free to leave comments/opinions or just general chat below – it’s an open space for all to take part in if you so wish. All suggestions gratefully received too.

  3. Nemossister says:

    This just up on the ‘Egypt’s media must undergo….’ thread…..

    5 November 2011 12:26PM

    Where does this lead then? Is it going to merely fought on message boards? Most papers wouldn’t even have permitted the Peterloo avatars.
    I can almost see your point but aren’t you preaching to converted on Comment is free?

    I have posted a reply.