A polite cough.

Found something you think others will want to see, or would like to see a post about on c1nf?
Got a pressing issue that you want me to know about but are ashamed to post on the cornucopia of comment areas on the site?


Use the form below to bring it to my notice:

5 Comments on “A polite cough.”

  1. jamietwc1 says:

    Hi Digby – I’m happy to help. I was sent a password to talk/chat/comment before but that page doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    let me know


  2. lightacarrot says:

    The page got too long Jamie so Digby set up new one – he’s in the process of sending them out.

    Good to see you – late night I see – out celebrating Fox’s departure last night?

  3. brobof says:

    third attempt at contact ! just finished an awsum piece on the deen of st pauls and the silly old Has just resigned Chz Chiz Chiz

    Twitter handle @brobof
    also a gmail ac but don’t use it too clunky

  4. redphantom says:


    Hi Bob, I’m a scottish astrophysicist and somewhat leftist. I wonder if I can take your ear for a min or two.
    I read the authoritarians, an excellent read. I’m wondering if you have the time to collaborate and do a spread on UK and scottish members. If your not aware we have an UK government and a seperate scottish government. The make up of the 2 being chalk and cheese. The UK being made up of basically the people in your book the other being more of a democratic mix.
    Would you consider working together? You do the psychology, I’ll do the math?

    Take care

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