Commenting – how to

While the title of this blog is Comment is not Free, it actually is.

Well sort of – there are 2 ways to comment

1) as a guest – no need to submit any data just post and go. The down side is guest comments are pre modded. In other words I need to ok their posts before they appear on the comment thread. This is an anti troll measure rather than me being a control freak. However I can’t be at the computer 24/7 so there will be times when your comments will take longer to appear.

2) with a WordPress account – you need to register with, then after your first post you are freed from pre-modding, to post whenever and as often as you like. The login form is straight forward though if you don’t have or don’t want to put a web url, feel free to use the blog’s :

The comment form log in

Also, just as important –  don’t forget to rate comments and posts as this gives alternative ways to browse the site content.


32 Comments on “Commenting – how to”

  1. lightacandle says:

    Hi Ennisfree

    Saw your comments on the thread – thank you – much appreciated and funny too.


    It’s getting busier – are you coping alright – if this can become a refuge for us all it would be great wouldn’t it especially for those who have been pre modded and need to get in touch with others etc – or even just for a general chat. Maybe it would be best to have one main thread each day – with the main date at the top followed by your project for the day – but kind of called something like the main talk thread or whatever – do you get where I’m coming from? Then all would land in the same place – in theory anyway!!!

  2. Daffers56 says:

    Hi Digby

    Re the CIF graph:

    Here are my scores:

    Economic Left Right -7.62
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian -6.67


    16th Sept 11

  3. TROOCOST says:

    Hi Digby,

    Was just wondering,if you or anyone else,has sound on ‘youtube’,mine ‘fell off’ my computer shortly after the wall street protest veiwing(the one from graun article) went over 200,000,thus blocking anyone from hearing,the sound human’s make if you spray ‘mace’ in their face.


  4. lightacandle says:

    Hi 55 Degrees North

    Digby is away at the moment and has left me the technophobe in charge – yikes – so I wouldn’t be able to do black and white one – however other commenters sometimes use photoshop or something to adapt them so you could try that – but in the meantime you can take a plain one if you wish – if you want to join the main thread press on the Peterloo title and that will take you down there although its very quiet but pop in if you wish – I liked your avatar – it was difficult to see it but when you point it out it looks good – but again feel free to take one of the others and Pele too – if you look at Kertwang and BBTP they have customised theirs although again I’m not sure how that works – you’ll have to find a teccy supremo, Glad to have you on board – the more the merrier and if The Guardian can see large numners of avatars then the will have to listen to our reqauests – hopefully.

    See you on the threads – bye for now

  5. RobertSnozers says:

    Registered for a WordPress account but it won’t let me log in here for some reason. All adding to my general sense of rejection and gloom after several days of sustained attacks on the NHS, troll triumphalism on CiF and two failed attempts to make a tarte tatin (the third worked OK).

  6. RobertSnozers says:

    S’pose but don’t I need to login to see the Peterloo Project section?

    It’s odd as I can login on the WordPress site fine, but here it just says ‘invalid username’

  7. Anonymous says:

    Still trying to figure all this out, not overly tech savvy. Great to see this kind of thing happening.

  8. ennisfree says:

    Impressed with the new website- would be interested if the Occupy London protestors would post here. One of their spokespersons- a very articulate blond young lady- she should be in Parliament (or at least appear on Question Time)spoke such a lot of good sense. I’d really like to hear more of what they have to say- as well as uncensored LAC -goes without saying!

  9. Bitethehand says:

    Two days ago the poster known as BeautifulBurnout, one of the Peterloo Massacred group posted part of a comment of mine from a “What do you want to talk about?” thread from 3 May 2009.

    I had written among other things:

    “So we agree that patriarchy exists which is more than lots of the men and some of the women posting here do.”

    To which BeautifulBurnout had responded:

    “Just because rad-fems use the patriarchy as an excuse for not having achieved what they want in their lives doesn’t mean that they are not capable of achieving things if they put their minds to it and put some bloody back into it instead of seeking someone/something else to blame. (And, as a successful woman in a “man’s world”, I am living proof of that, but that’s another story)”

    As usual her post on 1 November at 10:21pm was designed to boost her own ego while at the same time reminding all and sundry that she was instrumental in getting me banned from CiF where I had posted regularly between May 2006 and December 2009. Yesterday crimsontide99 posted a response to set the record straight and this prompted a number of the usual suspects, some of whom are also in this group, to post a range of largely inaccurate posts about Bitethehand, including it would appear from one comment, yet another threat of violence. An outraged hermionegingold posted in her usual slovenly grammatical style:

    i probably would have reported him to the police by now.
    it is totally unacceptable behaviour by one person to another.

    To put the record straight, while I have responded to MrsBurnout’s articles ATL and some of her vast number of comments below the line, I have never used foul or abusive language in any of my posts and have only ever included information that she herself has published on the web, either on CiF or on Montana Wildhack’s Untrusted website.

    And if hermionegingold had the courage of her convictions and went to the police, they’d probably arrest her for wasting their time. I have an almost complete record of everything I’ve ever posted on CiF since May 2006, and it would reveal that unlike her who posts some of the most inconsequential drivel and treats “Ideas” and before that WDYWTTA as her personal gossip column, I have always treated the aims of the Guardian in developing its interactivity with readers with the utmost respect.

    After Montana Wildhack started the Untrusted website in February 2009 there were over 400 posts about me before I responded with my first post there. This was when I still had CiF posting rights as Bitethehand and before the conspiracy to get me banned was successful. Some of these posts threatened me with violence, the vast majority were obscene and defamatory and included accusations that I am having sexual relationships with staff at CiF and The Guardian, that I’m a racist, and on the basis of my posts defending articles written by Barbara Ellen, Libby Brooks and Tanya Gold, that I am a paedophile. All of these accusations are of course untrue but it puts the claim that I am a stalker into some perspective.

    Central to the Peterloo Massacred campaign is of course the principle of freedom of speech. But when some of those who display its name on their CiF avatars actively try to get other posters censored and banned, it does bring into question the very basis of your mission.

    Kind regards,


    • Yes that’s right Bitethehand – we do have an open site here – however be aware that this isn’t the Guardian – if you mess about here you will get banned without the benefit of the visual warnings.

      And to be clear messing about means posting with any intent other than contributing to the discussion, and that definition is not elastic.

      As to conspiracy – ahh now I see where the impetuous for the “Peterloo is a blah blah blah” weekly rumours – odd though that this should propagate to only 2 or three other posters on the You Aksed thread, one of whom you just mentioned by name as being banned.

      And unlike certain other posters Peterloo doesn’t try to provoke people into breaking the terms of service so they are banned – which I believe is another strand to the tinfoil hatters Grassy Knoll theories in You Aksed – it seems they externalise their own internal dialogues onto others.

      In any case I suggest as you are making serious legal accusations you follow your own advice and seek legal counselling.

  10. Bitethehand says:

    lightacandle writes:

    “And I’ve just read somewhere that I had or have a clique – how nice – can someone show me where it is as they must be very secretive as they haven’t let me know. Who is this person who is obsessed with non existant cliques and why are they so obsessed with them.”

    No you are part of one, or if clique isn’t to your liking would ‘group’ suit you?

    And while you’ve the time why not have a look at the International Free Press Society?

    The stated purpose of IFPS “is to defend freedom of expression wherever and by whomever it is threatened”.

    • Thanks for that link – and where would you place the kind of poster who intentionally tries to censure others? Because I’ve seen quite a few of them in the You Aslked thread and funnily enough none of them were wearing Peterloo avatars, but seemed to have a lot to say about what they want Peterloo to be.

      lets see what was it –

      oh yes


      2 November 2011 9:31PM

      First there was – Peterloo is an occult organisation because despite having website that doesn’t require subscription, it has a forum that requires registration.

      Then there was – Peterloo is in cahoots with the mods to get posts they don’t like deleted.

      Now it’s – Peterloo is a gang that teams up on other posters to get them banned, oh and we’re selectively lobbying for the reinstatement of posters, despite what it says on our website.

      Who is it that profits from spreading rumours like these? And why is it they only seem to surface in this thread?

      … and this week from the Grassy Knoll Did it Club – we have invisible websites organising a troll hunt!

      • Bitethehand says:

        I’m a bit confused about this reference to the You Aslked thread, do you

        mean “Ideas”?, where I saw your post you quote from above. Personally I’ve

        always thought your message was quite clear and something I have some sympathy

        with, although I feel there are still plenty of journalists and posters, particularly the

        latter, who publish left, often very left of centre positions.

        Nevertheless, I do think that some of the group are somewhat politically naive. So

        while there was much praise for the recent Andrew Rawnsley’s piece, there was

        nothing in it that couldn’t be accomplished within the existing capitalist system. This was particularly ironic given that he was writing about an anti-capitalist movement.

        Likewise I’ve expressed my agreement with RedMiner’s position on the editorial stance of the paper:

        The Guardian’s support for the centre right establishment of British

        Politics goes without saying. I’ve no idea where people get the impression from that

        the Guardian was ever left wing.

        But in the end I hope you can persuade the Guardian’s editorial staff the listen to your point of view and that this is increasingly reflected in the line the paper takes.

  11. Bitethehand says:

    b>TurminderXuss posted the following on the Ideas thread yesterday:

    anyone else think crimsontide99 is bitey talking to himself as XianChen?
    Right through creepy and out the otherside…

    which rather left Xiangcheng rather bemused. (although note the one letter

    difference in the spellings of the town’s name).

    As crimsontide99 is now banned would one of you kind souls post this message for

    Xiangchen on CiF so at least he / she understands what has happened.

  12. Bitethehand says:

    BeautifulBurnout posted the following yesterday but by the time I read it, crimsontide99 had been banned folowing tybo’s crying to the moderators.


    “To those who maintain that there is no clique in operation on this thread there was ample proof to the contrary today with the rather sickening spectacle of a “commentator” gleefully announcing ( like a spoilt child running to tittle-tattle to teacher ) that he had outted a previously banned poster to the mods The braying rabble of the clique then proceeded to mercilessly savage this “banned ” poster, with one of their number, caught up in the mob mentality, threatening violence should they meet in person. Quite nauseating”

    I often find it best to keep quiet when other people are talking about something of which I have no personal knowledge or understanding. Or else ask for an explanation, if I am really that bothered.

    But painting the offender in this instance as some poor little bullied mite could not be further from the truth. I am sure he will be back with another nick (indeed I am pretty sure that crimsontide99 was merely a temporary nick used for the sole purpose of insulting me – a disposable ID, if you like, that he knows will not last long, but long enough for the insults to stay.He has done this before and will no doubt do it again. He always does.

    I couldn’t really give a monkey’s any more, so I am quite glad that it stays there as a reminder of what a sad, stalkerish, creepy little bloke he is. But there we have it.

    1. Where is oneoone portraying anyone as “some poor little bullied mite”? I suspect he / she has read crimsontide99’s original comment and concluded that the poster is rather robust and not someone who anyone could bully – and certainly not with the written word.

    2. Crimsontide99 posted from 29 October until yesterday a total of 44 posts before the one to which BeautifulBurnout and oneoone responded. Five of these were in response to you DigbyChickenCeasar.

    3. There were no insults in my original post which is still on the thread, quite the contrary it was praising BeautifulBurnout for her bootstrapping efforts and success as a self-employed barrister. She might lot have liked the implications for her status as a successful self-made barrister and the example she sets for others, but that’s the price of success.

    4. If she “couldn’t really give a monkey’s any more”, why does she continue to bring up the name of Bitethehand, as she did on 1 November, to which I responded on the 2nd. So if I’m the stalker, this must be the first case of the victim coming looking for the stalker.

  13. Bitethehand says:

    And did you get a reply from

  14. TROOCOST says:


    What an unusual couple of days,almost like the vernal equinox is bringing something odd out of the woodwork.

    Looks like some are forgetting to tie their shoelaces,careful,as tripping oneself up,can be less than desirable.

    Assange article is awful,mods are all over the thread.


  15. Wildey says:

    You mean we can post again?

    I thought the Iran thread was dreadful too – all the warmongering Yanks. I actually found it quite awful.

    And then there was this other US commenter on last night’s OccupyOakland complaining that the Guardian was left-wing and leading them all to destruction by reporting it. I left a post that said I knew a lot of UK regulars who would laugh a drain, and posted a link to the FoxNews reporting – saying I was sure Murdoch would be interested in her opinion of his political leanings!

  16. havantaclu says:

    No threads open for comment at the Guardian when I tried a minute ago!


  17. Wildey says:

    I’ve been tweeting @Blackops and the tech team are working on it.

    If anyone wants to get involved in the live Q&A on Libya, you can email or tweet hrwaldram and they’ll post for you.

  18. Wildey says:

    And we’re up and running again at the Graun!!!

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