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The Peterloo Avatar Campaign aims to continue to try and arrange an online debate between editorial staff and commenters about the Guardian’s editorial stance, reporting and moderation policy whilst in the meantime documenting and clearly communicating those ongoing concerns to staff members.

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There are varying levels of involvement – just using an avatar in CiF, commenting on Peterloo articles or even getting actively involved through the Peterloo discussion and archives.

If you do wear a Pterloo avatar in CiF you will find people asking you about them – posting links may get your posts deleted – it’s much safer to put a link in your CiF profile and link to that, the link below will take you to this page:



Note: This site is open with the exception of the Pterloo and Beyond area, which requires registration. Originally the policy was for all threads to be open but once links from the Guardian Moderators forum started showing up in our logs, we chose this route over that of making the whole site registration only. You can register through the form below to post:

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6 Comments on “c1nf peterloo”

  1. LAC says:

    Peterloo Campaign latest Update:

    CiF Peterloo Avatar campaign update:

    The latest response from Readers Editor/Mr Rusbridger is ” Before we can commit to an online debate of that kind we need to talk to colleagues who are heavily committed already. Either I or my colleague will respond as soon as we can” and in addition to wanting to know more about us “…..you raise some interesting issues”.

    So a work in progress but not a no. In the meantime a new ‘Peterloo Avatar Campaign Update Page’ will soon be made available for anyone interested to visit to see how the campaign is progressing along with a comment area. We are now moving into a new stage where we will be documenting concerns that we feel need to be bought to the editorial staff’s attention, past and present, and would be grateful for people to add their own concerns and examples of what they want to highlight too on the comment page which will all then be passed on. Ideas and suggestions would be more than welcome also.

    The campaign is not that old and we admit we have made some mistakes and have listened to all criticisms and hopefully are fine tuning those areas which were grey to avoid confusion in the future and to correct misinterpretations of what we are about.

    Hopefully this will help….

    “The Peterloo Avatar Campaign aims to continue to try and arrange an online debate between editorial staff and commenters about the Guardian’s editorial stance, reporting and moderation policy whilst in the meantime documenting and clearly communicating those ongoing concerns to staff members.”

    We are not as some assume trying to make the Guardian more ‘left,’ whatever that means these days, or dictate what it should do or think we are simply asking for the opportunity to voice many readers concerns on various issues, directly to the editorial staff, whilst enabling everyone who wishes to put their views forward and have their say too.

    We’d like to say thanks to all who are supporting the campaign and wearing the avatars – they have been noticed by those who needed to notice them and the more that join and continue to wear them the louder the voice we will have.

    Hope that explains things and provides an adequate update on how things are going. Further updates will be given out as and when the need arises.

    • Barry says:

      hi Sir Digby Chicken-Ceasar
      I have changed the ‘about me’ (hyperlink) in my cif user’s profile to highlight your cause – see below

      ” I believe authority should always be questioned – that includes mine. Especially enjoy CiF when contributions from knowledgeable users bring you to unexpected places – quite admire the current Peterloo campaign on here – its definitely something worth keeping an eye on! check out – https://c1nf.wordpress.com/

      I had to do a few minutes of research *checks watch* to find out more about you – time I could have spent being curious about other stuff or peculating my coffee or something;-)

      maybe if a few more ‘Looers’ left the odd clue on their profiles the word could spread a wee bit faster no?

      good luck

      Barry (hyperlink)

  2. lightacarrot says:


    Thanks for that I’m sure Digby will pop by soon – yes we’re fine tuning the site and trying to find the best way publicize it – we have done a profile message like your and telling people to click on our user names for more info as we seem to get moderated when we place a link – the problem we have now is people in pre-mod not being able to post info. and others being deleted but the best way seem to inform people to click on the user name/profile – if you could carry on doing that that would be great – we just need to spread the word – but they won’t allow us to pass on messages like that to get people to do the same as you so it is difficult – maybe if we post a message here above the comments that would help. Thanks for you input – feel free to contribute more – the more the merrier and all that. – how did you eventually find the site – anyway we could improve that?


  3. havantaclu says:

    I’d like to draw your attention to this – which is still ‘up’ as a link in the Guardian – but which I can imagine them taking down once they’ve read what it says:


  4. Peter Hack says:

    Hi, The most interesting page (for me) has always been the Letters Page where the best contributions to the Grauniad are sifted through; it seems to me quite often that the Letters Page is the most radical and worthwhile; if this were doubled in size it would allow an airing of views and more detailed Letters from many experts in the field; a sort of democratisation of the paper perhaps ?

    I have put this in as a letter and to the Letters/Readers Editors but no printed version or reply from Response ?

    What do you think ? Double the size of the Letters Page; a Guardian Wall ??

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