hacktivism – hit ’em where it hurts, boycott Guardian advertisers

Sites like the Guardian have a business model where they offer free services, of which the cost of producing and maintaining is paid for by advertising. The Guardian will use the visitor stats it collects to convince companies to pay for that advertising.

In the past groups organising viewing boycotts have forced tv companies to respond to viewer requests through pressure of advertisers pulling out.

Would companies be willing to pay for advertising if they thought nobody would look at their ads appearing on the Graun and as a result elsewhere?

Enter Ad Block. This is an extension for Firefox web browser, it uses filters to remove or hide things you don’t want to see, namely ads:

Without Ad block:

The Guardain's own merchandising widgets

With Adblock – killing the Grauns own online shop:

The same page with ad filters turned on

Installing Firefox is painless


Once installed you can install Ad Block plus



Using AdBlock plus is as simple as pointing and clicking on the adverts you don’t want. Though for the Guardian shop widgets, you need a little more power, add the following filters to disappear them:



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